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Morocco invests in new modern Atlantic port project

The Moroccan government has put aside $510M for the Kenitra Atlantic port project as it tries  to bring up to date operations at the port.

The venture is projected at $817 million with $817 million to be dedicated mainly to the harbor protection works and the first RORO terminals. The residual $307 million is set aside for the development of other port terminals. The second phase will be carried out as part of public-private partnership according to an authorized source at the Ministry of Equipment and transportation.

Kenitra’s oldest port was closed down back in May 2013 causing so much controversy. Two years later King Muhammed VI called for the hastening of the new port’s construction to overlap with the entrance of the PSA group to the region.

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The new port is situated in the Oulad Ben Assal neighborhood, which is about 24 km north of river Sbou’s opening. The selection of such a location is tactical; its nearness to the lengthy coastline, its location along the railway line and future ease of access to any expansions thanks to the adequate land neighboring the project.

The project hopes to build a new port near the traffic in and out of the surrounding area extending from the Gharb region to the Far East whilst alleviating existing pressure on the Casablanca port with a steady transfer of bulk trade and making new prospects for companies operational on construction, ship repairing and automotive industrialization.

The construction of the port was announced in April back in 2012 as part of the national strategy to port 2030.The port will serve the needs for export, imports of neighboring industrial area such as Gharb, Fez, Meknes and Rabat- Sale’.

Morocco’s blossoming economy has presented a great chance for port investments.


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