Morocco’s technology aims for cheaper solar energy

Morocco’s technology aims for cheaper solar energy
Morocco’s technology aims for cheaper solar energy

Young Moroccan Company Alto Solution wishes to find solutions that will improve access to clean water and renewable energy.

One innovative project, Parabolic Trough for Solar Energy includes the design and production of cylindro-parabolic solar concentrators.

These troughs are adept to meeting the needs of the industry substituting traditional fossil fuels, said Mehdi Berrada, the founder of Alto Solution. “Our goal is to encourage new forms of industrial zone that are powered mainly by solar energy.”

The basic principle is in mechanically bending the mirror plates and holding them in position, therefore creating a flawless parabola.

This technology decreases optical error and upsurges energy production, while also warranting a very high resistance to wind. This technology costs about US $75 per square metre and is in line with the goals of the Sunshot programme started by the US Department of Energy, Berrada added.

The company has already installed a protype model at the Copag Cooperative in Taroudant, in the south of Morocco. The power plant located there only has a small production of 50 Kilowatts (KW).

This model is solely for demonstration purposes, although Alto Solution’s key goal is to work with units generating a minimum of 500KW.

Eventually the notion is to submit this solution for the generation of electricity to bigger companies in need of resourceful and cost-effective concentrators. The parabolic trough innovation will help in making solar energy cheaper and that will help make solar power accessible to rural communities.

ALTO Energy is a company EPC – Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning – which makes solar-key hand plants on behalf of its industrial clienteles or project developers.

ALTO Solution has the willpower to grow promptly and grow its regional and continental influence. It focuses on finding alternative solution to the challenges faced in water and clean energy sectors