ASTRAL PIPES LIMITED: Why CPVC pipes are increasingly replacing traditional metal pipes

ASTRAL PIPES LIMITED: Why CPVC pipes are increasingly replacing traditional metal pipes

Astral Pipes Ltd, Kenya is a pioneer in manufacturer of CPVC plumbing systems, pressure pipes, column pipes for boreholes and sewer / drain pipes and fittings.

Established in 2009, the company can look back on a successful story of growth and product development. Having supplied its products to distributors and prestigious projects, the company has grown to be one of the leading pipes manufacturers in the Eastern Africa construction industry.

Astral Pipes has collaborated with world renowned manufacturer of CPVC plumbing systems in India, Astral Polytechnik Limited. The partnership has led to the introduction of the use of latest technology in manufacturing of CPVC pipes and fittings.

CPVC Product

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic produced by hyper chlorination process of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. This aids to deter the chlorine from reacting with the pipes; thus withstanding chlorine kickback. CPVC piping is used in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems. This type of pipe is ideal for moving all types of water from hot and cold potable water.

According to Sunil Daniels the General Manager, CPVC is a popular engineering material used in advanced countries which was launched and manufactured by Astral Pipes Ltd, Kenya in this part of the globe. The pipes and fittings are manufactured from the specialty plastic compound chemically known as chlorinated poly vinyl chloride.

Astral is the only CPVC pipe manufacturing company in Kenya having most prestigious quality certification from Kenya bureau of standards. Astral products are regularly tested at our factory testing laboratory for domestic and public sanitation. CPVC pipes and fittings are extensively used for hot and cold water applications in homes, apartments, hotels, resorts, hospitals, high and low rise buildings, corporate and commercial houses, academic institutions etc. for pure and hygienic water supply.

According to Rajesh Shah – Marketing Manager, the domestic CPVC pipe demand is growing in East Africa Market. CPVC pipes are having the following properties – Corrosion Resistance, Lower Bacterial Growth, No Scale,Pit,or Leach formation, Unaffected by Chlorine in water, Lower thermal expansion, Easy Plumbing process , Hot water Compatible, Tough and Rigid material, Fire Safe, . CPVC plumbing systems are approved for contact with potable water in wide range of countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, and Middle East among others.

“CPVC pipes are increasingly replacing traditional metal pipes worldwide as they are far more durable, easy to be fitted and cost efficient,” insists Rajesh.

Technical contrast approval of CPVC pipes to PPR pipes

  • CPVC pipes can withstand much higher pressure for the same wall thickness unlike PPR pipes this is due to higher tensile strength of 55Mpa at 23 degrees centigrade.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is lower 0.7×10^-4K2 whereas PPR pipes is higher; hence lesser space is required for expansion than PPR. Only shallow chasing of walls required thus walls are not weakened much.
  • CPVC permits the lowest bacterial growth and bio-film formation in water in comparison to other polymers used in piping, hence ideally suited for drinking water.
  • CPVC joints are smooth and do not obstruct or hamper the water flow. Small diameter pipes can be used to achieve the same flow and pressure rate which results in huge cost savings in terms of cost of the pipes.
  • CPVC is a tough rigid material – fewer clips and clamping required. This saves time, materials and labor costs in installation
  • CPVC pipes & fittings are manufactured with a lead free formula which ensures absolutely no leaching of lead into the water.
  • Non-reactive to chlorine used as disinfectant in the water. Service life of the pipe not affected by chlorinated water.
  • CPVC pipes last more than 50 years.

Clients’ rapport

The company ensures: it’s in line with trending technology, it has a dedicated team, it observes professionalism, it maintains quality standards, it has reliable products, it has a well equipped testing lab, and it has customer satisfaction. This has also contributed to their success in an aggressive market culture.  Astral also takes care of its customers by training plumbers and plumbing contractors throughout the year by updating them about modern plumbing techniques and to do plumbing work more effectively and professionally.

The company maintains a long standing rapport between themselves and the clients by visiting the sites during different phases of the projects, providing professional advice which ensures the comfort of knowing they stand behind every job. Confirming this, Rajesh says they offer free plumber training to the contractors before commencing of any job on site.


Sunil urges Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to step in and get rid of counterfeit products and substandard product from overseas in the Kenyan  market. This has been their main challenge since the substandard products are cheaper and for lack of knowledge some clients go for them.


CPVC is a solution for the future since it is a unique plumbing solution and a thorough system. Astral Pipes Ltd is based in Nairobi, Masai Road next to Libra House off Mombasa Road.

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