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Kenbro Industries Ltd-waterproofing and construction solution for any building projects

Kenbro Industries Ltd, formerly known as Kenya roofing contractors has consolidated its footprint as one of the largest manufacturers and importers of concrete admixtures and waterproofing products.

From humble beginnings in 1968 as Roofing and Building Contractors, the company can look back on a successful story of growth and product development.

In 1988 Shantilal K. Varia and other directors formed Kenbro Industries Ltd where they opted to turn into manufacturing of their own roofing and flooring products. The wide product range that the company offers services to protect a building during and after construction.

The company supplies its variety of construction materials which include roofing and flooring products, adhesives for building industry, concrete paving blocks, concrete admixtures, construction chemicals, cement interlocking tiles, bitumen primers and coatings; directly to builders, contractors and Hardware merchants in smaller retail pack sizes.

Polytape which is a versatile repair tape used mostly for leaking roofs-the brand also works conveniently on  other surfaces like concrete, metal, plastic, wood, glass. The firm has introduced other various products in the market, particularly:

Hyseal® Product

Hyseal® waterproof cement, the product is cement based waterproofing compound with active chemicals and additives to improve the water resistance of concrete structures. It works well when applied on positive of the surface. Hyseal® 501 is most active where moisture is present in the concrete.

Field tests have proven outstanding when mixed with mortar and applied as a render on stone and concrete block wall surfaces, can be applied to all water retaining and water excluding concrete structures.

Besides, Hyseal® 501 penetrates the concrete to whatever depth water can penetrate; it hardly influences the reinforced steel in the concrete. Hyseal® 505 is mainly used to stop water leakages from any concrete structure right away.

Hyseal® 505 is certified where water is spouting or streaming out from any concrete structure, in situation where water oozes out from unsteady concrete or cracks in the concrete, it acts as a water plug. Furthermore, the product is too convenient since it can withstand the pressure of water, it is safe to use in water retaining structure for human utilization.

Kenseal® Products

According to Mr.Varia this product has been introduced in the market to succeed APP product. As it is jointless and therefore continues lining, flexible, UV resistant and can be colored to your choice. Kenseal® is water based elastomeric liquid coating specially formulated from various chemicals which enables it bond to all concrete surfaces.

It establishes the complete water tightness of the roof and many other building elements. It can be applied to provide a water proof lining to gutters, parapet walls, water features as well.

The product gives long lasting protection against water ingress, it is flexible  i.e. it can be used in areas with very high or low temperatures without affecting performance, coating can be applied on any complex profile unlike others which can’t take shape of difficult profiles.

Kenseal 550K brings a hard wearing, seamless waterproof membrane for roofs and foundation protection thus providing effective barrier to waterborne salts and atmospheric gases. It is advisable for internal and external waterproofing.

Kenseal® Primer / Sealer

Kenseal® Primer is applied as a primer on the concrete surfaces before application of Kenseal waterproofing. Kenseal sealer being colourless, the product neither changes the surface outlook nor makes it glossy. It works well in fresh concrete, as well as dry concrete. As a sealer, it has high curing efficiency and is none degrading. It penetrates the pores of the surface it is applied on and seals it off completely.  Applied on clay bricks it stops the white leaching effect you see on many sites.

Kencoat® – Colored Wall Plaster

Kencoat® Is applied externally to give a long lasting and most durable protection to any structure and internally give you that appealing finish which doesn’t wear off. Application does not require any sort of priming or elaborate surface preparation nor does it require any curing after application. Kencoat® is premixed and supplied in ready to apply packs thus no site mixing is needed except stirring. The product is available in various colors, is water resistant and can be washed with soap and water to restore its original color even after many years.


Kenbro Industries is a manufacturer of wide ranging adhesives. These adhesives provide a variety of choices for the construction market.

Poly-synthetic Manhole Covers

Poly-synthetic manhole cover is a product that is light in weight, waterproof, can be designed to take loads from 1.5 tons to 40 tons, has various colors in store (no color fading) and has high strength to weight ratio, the best advantage being they have no scrap value so nobody steals them.

New Powder Products

In line with the latest technology and trends in construction, kenbro industries’ talented team provides a uniquely intelligent approach to each individual client; resulting in innovative and unique products which are tailored to meet their client’s exact requirements and local environmental conditions. These have derived into new powder products such as Grouting cement powder, a blend of dry powder chemicals with Portland cement specially formulated to bridge the gap between ceramic tiles, granite tiles or porcelain tiles. Once mixed with water it solidifies to form a waterproof joint. Other powder products are: Ceramic tile adhesive, Self-leveling cement topping and skim coat.


Kenbro Industries has collaborated with world renowned concrete admixture and Construction Chemical Company (BASF), waterproofing companies in Egypt where they import some of their waterproofing products. Agents and stockiest for Bitumen products from Colas E. Africa Ltd. Similarly, APP brand has diverse products like Asphalt roofing shingles that are situated on checked roofs for excellent waterproofing solution, simple to install and maintain, and it can withstand up to 150 degrees centigrade.

Warranty and Clients’ Rapport

The company has a proven system that addresses clients’ problems, including their patented waterproofing system which has a ten years warranty which shows the confidence they have in their workmanship. Employing an efficient system of organization has ensured that their sites are well served and managed. The company ensures it keeps abreast of trending technology and interacts with its clients by offering free of charge technical project support, a dedicated team, professionalism, good quality, reliable products and customer satisfaction. They have trained installers that know the products they are working with and have hands-on experience using proven techniques. These have enabled it to grow in a competitive market environment.


Since its inception Kenbro Industries has successfully undertaken several works for various clients ranging from government and institutional facilities to private and commercial clients. They have a large database of satisfied clients. Two Rivers, Karen hub, Ananas mall in Thika are some of their latest projects. The company maintains a long standing rapport between themselves and clients after completion of the projects by visiting the sites, providing expertise advice which provides the comfort of knowing they stand behind every job.


The challenging and prestigious projects that the firm has undertaken successfully are an outcome of effective planning and management of time and resources. There are challenges to overcome however for instance when price criteria are followed, people ignore standards on water structure construction or some people opt for cheap products or give wrong specification. Thus the challenge can commence from the design stage where the product is specified for the right job and an inferior product is opted for while the right ones are available in the market. According to Shantilal K. Varia, the right products have to be used for the purpose not looking on the price since the end results are better.


Kenbro Industries is the leading manufacturer and importer of waterproofing products, concrete admixtures, and roofing and flooring products; the company has its factory on Mombasa road, behind Saj ceramics, Cabanas and head office at the junction of Wambugu road and Limuru road, Parklands, Nairobi.



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