Chinese firm eyes Zimbabwe’s prefabricated and modular market

Chinese firm eyes Zimbabwe's prefabricated and modular market, China’s largest modular construction trading platfrom, is planning on investing in Zimbabwe’s prefabricated and modular market where it sees growth opportunities.

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A prefabricated building is a building that is constructed using prefabrication.It consists of factory made units that are transported and assembled onsite to form a complete building.

The company through the engagement of an intern from Zimbabwe, has been researching the construction market in Zimbabwe. They see Zimbabwe and South Africa as two key markets that could greatly benefit from China sourced prefabrication.

The organisation is keen on engaging private players and government, as part of their plans to build partnerships in the supply and construction of prefabricated and modular products.

The organisation’s aim is to educate and build partnerships with local construction businesses in the coming year, to help save money and build better.

Prefab products are commonly safer than traditionally built structures and is popular in areas that experience a range of severe natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Prefabricated and modular products can be specially engineered for the environment for which it is destined.

The advantage of prefab structures over conventional construction is that prefab takes less time to construct due to the fact that the structure can be built  while the building site preparation is taking place.

Also due to the efficiency of factory setting  which mitigates material, labour and times waste, the cost of prefab structure is dramatically reduced. Savings of prefab structure is generally 20 to 40 percent compared to conventional construction.

Prefab has become very popular in countries such as Japan as well as in many coastal regions around the world.