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Rehabilitation of Bo-Kenema Electricity Distribution System in Sierra Leone

The Government of Sierra Leone, with financial support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and UKAid, also known as Department for International Development (DfID) has launched the rehabilitation and extension of the Bo-Kenema Electricity Distribution System in Sierra Leone.

The project will advance and construct a 33-kilovolt electricity line between Bo and Kenema. The project will also construct new primary substations to improve the dependability and sustainability of electricity supply between the two cities.

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For the first time, 37,000 households located in Bo, Kenema and villages along the route of the distribution line will profit from a delivery of electricity through the installation of pre-paid electricity meters linking them to the line. The 17,500 homes already linked will profit from a more consistent supply of electricity.

The project will also offer technical training for staff at the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) and other chief stakeholders.

Undependable energy services in urban regions and limited energy services in rural regions were mentioned as a key obstacle to a swift response during the Ebola crisis. Improved energy services will not only reinforce Sierra Leone’s resilience to potential outbreaks, but support economic growth and infrastructure development across the nation.

Whilst showing appreciation to its co-founding partners, the Minister of Energy, Henry Macauley, said.

“Today marks a major highlight in Government of Sierra Leone’s dedication to offer affordable and consistent access to electricity across the state under the Agenda for Prosperity launched by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

The Bo-Kenema rehabilitation project is a verification of the productive cooperation between the Ministry of Energy, the African Development Bank and the UK Department for International Development.

All entities are devoted to a rapid execution that will lay the foundations for the economic rebirth of Bo and Kenema as we share the conviction electricity supply to small and intermediate enterprises and homes is vital to a sustainable development.”

The initiative openly contributes to the AfDB’s New Deal on Energy for Africa, which intends to secure universal energy access on the continent by 2025 and support labors to alleviate climate change through decreased greenhouse gas emissions from the use of diesel and

kerosene for lighting. The AfDB will invest US $13 million and supervise project delivery.


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