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Bobcat launches new E17Z Zero Tail Swing excavator

Bobcat has launched the new 1.7 t E17Z Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) canopy model, a completion in the company’s 1-2 t range of compact excavators.

The new E17Z has a higher ZTS functionality level achieved with the use of Bobcat’s Zero House Swing (ZHS) design. The front upper structure is fully protected by ensuring the front corners are kept within the swing circle when the tracks are in the fully expanded position, providing for a 320° free rotation when working close to walls and other obstructions, without sacrificing operator comfort or performance.

The E17Z is built around the operator and is tailored to flexibility to the advantage of the operators, complete with easy access to the pedals and controls. The large awning and entry/exit space also provide the driver with plenty of room for movement in and out of the operator’s seat and this is further helped by the left hand control console lifting completely out of the way. In addition, when not in use, the pedals can be folded away to increase room for the operator’s feet.

The E17Z’s standard operating weight is at 1 749 kg, with a maximum digging depth of 2 249 mm. This compatibility coupled with stability and a transport weight of approximately 1.6t makes it ideal for use in confined spaces. Moreover, the other features in the current 1-2 t range such as the retractable undercarriage, upper-structure tie-down points and advanced diagnostics are available as standard on the E17Z.

The dump height on the E17Z allows it to load trucks easily, with reach at ground level making repositioning when digging unnecessary. Similarly, when fully retracted the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces; and a full expansion provides stability for the excavator, especially when working over the side.

The two processes are made simple through the use of an electric switch on the control panel.

Optimum stability is achieved by fully expanding the retractable undercarriage and using the optional long dozer blade, which, as well as helping in dustpanning work, significantly improves the front stability. This enables the operator to use the full breakout forces the machine can deliver. As standard, the E17Z has easy-to-operate durable blade extensions.

Other than the E17Z being ideally suited to picking up and placing heavy items with safety, it can be supplied with an optional certified ‘object handling device’, which comprises a boom load holding valve, arm load holding valve, hooking device and overload warning device.


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