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Rust-Oleum to roll out a new line of deck coatings

Rust-Oleum’s clean, prime, coat method dramatically reduces project time
Rust-Oleum is rolling out a new line of deck coatings this spring. With the RockSolid One Coat Coverage deck resurfacers, homeowners will be able to transform their deck in just one day.

“We listened to our consumers who wanted a faster way to resurface their decks,” said John Clarkson, brand director at Rust-Oleum. “All it takes is three simple steps: clean, prime and coat.

For an average size deck, you can start the project at 8 a.m. and finish by 4 p.m.”
RockSolid Deck Start Wood Primer not only replaces sanding and stripping, but the damp wood application allows users to clean their deck and apply the primer after waiting only 30 minutes.

Typically users must wait at least 24 hours following cleaning for the wood to dry prior to coating. The primer simplifies prep and is a major source of time saving for the deck refinishing process.

RockSolid “Deck in One Day” resurfacers offer long-lasting protection for every deck condition, from lightly worn to moderately worn to heavily worn.
• RockSolid 2X Solid Stain is recommended for lightly worn decks.
• RockSolid 6X Deck Coat is recommended for moderately worn decks.
• RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer is recommended for heavily worn decks.
RockSolid “Deck in One Day” resurfacers offer a solution for any deck condition in one day. The products can be tinted to 60 colors and are available in one and five gallon pails.


  1. This is a terrible product. I paid $1500 for their prep paint and deck paint to end up having to strip it all off and use a different paint. It does not live up to all of Rustoleums promises. Avoid their deck products at all costs. TERRIBLE WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME


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