US$ 3.7m approved to revitalize South Africa’s Ekandustria Industrial Park

US$ 3.7m approved for the revitalization of the Ekandustria Industrial Park in SA

A whopping US$ 3.7m has been approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (the DTI) for the first phase of the revitalization programme of the Ekandustria Industrial Park in South Africa.

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The Deputy Director-General for Special Economic Zones and Economic Transformation at the DTI, Sipho Zikode confirmed the reports and said that the revitalization programme has four-phases focusing on various sectors with the first being the upgrading of security infrastructure.

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“The budget that was set aside for the Industrial Park will cater for the installation of the security fence, the refurbishment of the water treatment plant and the repair of the roofs which have since grown into a state of dilapidation,” said Zikode.

The conditional assessment for the project has already been done and the results of the assessment are going to inform the four-phase approach.

Zikode further said most of the logistics gave been made including appointment of a contractor and also the protocol agreement which clearly specifies the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder has already been signed.

Chairperson of the Select Committee on Trade and International Relations, Mr. Eddy Makue, also commented and said that from the reports received it was evident that there were a range of benefits to be gained by companies that operate within the facility.

“Operators within this facility stand to benefit from electricity rebates and a reduction in rental and transportation costs for delivering goods outside to the broader market,” said Makue.

“We were also introduced on challenges of ageing infrastructure that are currently affecting the facility but we note with appreciation the revitalization efforts that are underway.”

The Ekandustria Industrial Park is recognised as a catalyst for broader economic and industrial development in the region and it is envisaged that once revitalised, it will enhance its investor occupancy rate, drive retention and expansion and also contribute to the economy of its surrounding areas and nationally.