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Fossilcote Limited: Innovation at its best

Fossilcote Limited is a manufacturing and supplying company of premium seamless resin flooring, multi-construction chemicals, cementitious coatings, and niche texture coatings.

Though they began operations in Africa 12 years ago, they have now opened their headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya with other offices in other parts of Africa such as Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, and Uganda with a loyal customer base spread across South, East, Central Africa and West Africa.

The company is fast becoming a brand of choice for flooring solutions and Cementitious Texture Coatings in big commercial spaces like food industries, manufacturing facilities, the healthcare sector, offices, and shopping malls. They have worked with Rwanda Mountain Tea, Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL), and Movit Products Limited in Uganda. This is a clear indication that their products are not only dynamic but also reliable. Moreover, most of their products are made from locally sourced materials while others are internationally sourced.

They specialise in Epoxy and Polyurethane floors, which have a host of advantages. The floors are customised according to the clients’ needs and specifications. Some of these advantages are: they have an antimicrobial agent that makes it impossible for the growth of bacteria or mould on the floor, they have a matte finish that makes them anti-slip, chemical and fire resistant, antistatic, and offer a wide thermal range of -30°C up to 150°C, while remaining easy to clean and sanitise.

With proper installation, maintenance and cleaning, the floor can be of service for a long time.

Fossilcote works to meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and keeping true to their five core values of dynamism, integrity, teamwork, relevance, and efficiency.

Customers are offered a wide range of colours to select from on the epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings, and the thickness of the floor can range from microns to 21mm depending on the conditions of the floor and the customers’ requirements.

It is important to note that after application, one can use the floors after 12 hours for light traffic while for heavy traffic, it can be after 48-72 hours when the floor has cured. They are a supply company, but they also offer free technical and manual data sheets to guide customers, and free technical support like training them on site how to apply it.

These services are also available for other products such as their cement paints and other niche texture wall coatings.

The major challenge they face is competitive infiltration from other companies that are selling generic products.

The term Epoxy is loosely used and replaced with generic products in a market that is gradually learning about the host of advantages that come with getting a properly installed floor. Fossilcote promises to sell premium products that meet the terms of the customer.

Looking forward, Fossilcote looks to be the leader in providing products that are quality and innovative in the areas of flooring systems and niche wall coatings, while fitting in the purpose of their clients’ needs.

They will be participating in the 20th BuildExpo that is set to take place from the 20th to the 22nd of April 2017 at the KICC, Nairobi. You will find them at stall number L112, where you can interact with them and find out more about their flooring solutions and wall coatings.


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