Registering with Institution of Engineers Rwanda

Registering with Institution of Engineers Rwanda

All engineering consulting firms are invited by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) to register as required by the law. Below is the process;

1. Application Form
2. Have a certificate of business registration name or a certificate of corporation issued by RDB.
3. Have at least (one principle share holder or Managing director or technical director) who is registered as a corporate engineer with valid practicing certificate in a specified discipline.
4. Have established office with at least one permanent engineer.

The Council will register engineering consulting firms in different categories and disciplines based on criteria as shall be established by the council.

A person, who wishes to register an engineering consulting firm having met the said above conditions, may apply to the council in prescribed form which shall:

• Be accompanied with such documents as are necessary to prove qualification for registration.
• Provide curriculum vitae for the Managing director and curriculum vitae of a registered corporate engineer said above if Managing Director is not a registered engineer.
• Be accompanied with written commitment that the Council shall be allowed to verify the suitability of the firm for the purpose of registration.
• Provide two passport photos of Managing director.
• Technical director should present appointment letter.
• Company Profile
• Certificates of good completion
• Tax Clearance

The council may require the applicant to furnish such further information or evidence of eligibility for registration as it may consider necessary and may require the applicant to appear in person for an interview before the Council.
• Application fee: 20,000 frw
• Annual subscription fee: 200,000 frw as approved by general assembly.
• Account N0: 2110035556 GT Bank.

Download application form here | Download To Whom It May Concern form
The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) has a Mission Statement As the national society of engineers for the advancement of engineering in Rwanda, their mission is to advance, promote and develop engineering profession by providing all the expertise necessary for the socio-economic needs of mankind.