Davis & Shirtliff installs 3120Wp Solar Generator hybrid system in Turkana

Davis & Shirtliff installs 3120Wp Solar Generator hybrid system in Turkana
Davis & Shirtliff installs 3120Wp Solar Generator hybrid system in Turkana

Installation of boreholes in Kenya is on the increase, especially with the recent drought that has affected the entire country.

Even with the onset of the rains, communities in the arid and semi-arid regions have been forced to invest in the rehabilitation of boreholes that are now solar powered for water pumping for villages, and particularly in Turkana and Wajir counties in Northern Kenya.

The Turkana Pastoralists Development Organization (TUPADO) under the stewardship of Mr. Sammy Ekal Adome, was concerned with the lack of sustainable and long-term water solutions and called on Davis & Shirtliff to install solar pumps and panels, a project that took them three months.

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Turkana West, where all the boreholes are located, is a vast sub-county whose water infrastructure is still very under developed compared to Turkana central, east and south sub-counties.

Distances are great, and the nearest site from Lodwar is Lakore, approximately 125km away. The Davis &Shirtliff Lodwar branch was contracted to install a 3120Wp Solar Generator hybrid system that would utilize solar power during the day and electrical/diesel power at night. On completion, this project has changed the lives of the people in Oropol, Lokore and Akoros.

And thanks to this initiative by Davis &Shirtliff and TUPADO the local community now has the much needed water at their convenience. The Danish manufactured Grundfos SP 5A-25 borehole pump has a yield of 6m3 per hour.

With the globally decreasing cost of solar PV modules and recent technological advances, solar installations are becoming increasing popular for remote sites in Kenya and beyond. This is a key business segment Davis &Shirtliff have been involved in for the past 30 years.

Speaking at the launch of the second of three boreholes, Davis &Shirtliff Lodwar branch manager, Mr. Shadrack Langat said in Lakore, the borehole is located at St. Leos Secondary School Kakuma and serves both the school and the neighboring community. The solar installation has reduced the cost of operations of these boreholes, making a saving on fuel.

These three sub-counties in Turkana share a common challenge of drought related water challenges. Many households and their livestock, especially in Oropoi, were disadvantaged in accessing water as previously, the only borehole that was in good working condition was installed with a hand pump, located some distance away. Oropoi is close to the Uganda border and is located off Kakuma-Lokichoggio road, 96 km from Akoros.

In Lokichoggio, the Akoros borehole was salaried with a 6.2kwp solar system, and has a high yield of 7m3/hr. It is managed under local water service providers.

About Davis & Shirtliff
Founded in 1946, Davis &Shirtliff has been the leading supplier of water related and alternative energy equipment for 70 years. It primarily focuses on six principal product sectors – Water Pumps, Borehole Service, Swimming Pools, Water Treatment, Generators and Solar Equipment.

Davis &Shirtliff is headquartered in Kenya and has operations in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, DRC Congo and a partnership in Ethiopia. Its branch network extends to 35 branches in Kenya.


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