South Africa to launch first phase of Vulindlela Heights industrial park

Construction of SME Parks in Namibia nears completion

The first phase of the revitalized Vulindlela Heights industrial park, in Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape South Africa is set to be launched soon Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies has said.

The first phase of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI’s) Revitalization of Industrial Parks Programme mainly focuses on the security infrastructure upgrades, fencing, street lighting and critical electricity requirements.

The launch of Vulindlela by Mr. Davies marks a significant milestone in the implementation of the programme which is part of the Industrial Policy Action Plan (Ipap).

“The US$ 1.6m programme is also in line with the DTI’s economic transformation initiatives to ensure that all regions and enterprises participate meaningfully in the mainstream economy,” Mr. Davies said.

The initiative of upgrading the park was realized as part of the DTI’s Revitalization of Industrial Parks Programme, which aimed to upgrade ten of South Africa’s State-owned old industrial parks to stimulate broader economic and industrial development in the host townships and rural areas, while attracting investments, enabling job creation and addressing inequality and eradicating poverty.

The Vulindlela and Queenstown-based Queendustria industrial parks, in the Eastern Cape, were identified for immediate revitalization, with a first phase budget of the multimillion-rand allocated to each.

The other parks prioritised for revitalisation and refurbishment were located in Limpopo, North-West, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and Mpumalanga.

Parks are catalysts for broader economic and industrial development in their host regions which contribute to economic growth, diversification of economic activity, attracting investments, job creation and addressing inequality.


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