Efacec wins public tender to construct power stations in Guinea-Bissau

Efacec wins public tender to construct power stations in Guinea-Bissau

Efacec, a Portuguese energy-providing company, has won the international public tender, promoted by the public company Eletricidade e Águas da Guiné-Bissau (EAGB), for the construction of the essential infrastructure that will double the current installed electrical capacity of Guinea-Bissau.

The US$11.2m contract, includes the construction of two substations and a 6.2km transmission line to link the new thermal power station, which will be built in Bor, the capital of Guinea-Bissau.

On completion the project, it will double the current capacity of the capital and will make it possible to provide electricity to a broader group of population, raising living standards and making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of major African country.

The infrastructure to be built by Efacec is a step in Bissau’s electrification architecture.
The two substations, with 30/10 kV level, to be built in the Bor and Bra regions, and the energy evacuation system, with a 80MVA capacity, are a precondition for the execution of the second module from Bissau’s electrical project that includes the construction of a power plant with a 100MW capacity at Bor.

Efacec has a strong international presence producing products for power transmission and distribution (adapters, service, high and medium voltage switchgear and automation gear) for the Energy, Environmental, Industry and Railway sectors and develops solutions for Electrical Mobility, namely energy charging systems.

Efacec develops its activity in strategic markets, such as Spain, Central Europe, United States, Latin America, Brazil, Maghreb, Southern Africa and India.