Junaco Trading Kenya Limited; Water Solutions Provider

Junaco Trading Kenya Limited; Water Solutions Provider

Junaco Trading Kenya Limited initially started as Junaco Tanzania in the year 2000. In a span of fourteen years, Junaco Kenya was formed as part of Junaco Group which comprises affiliates in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and DRC Congo with CEO Justin Lambert based in Dar-es-Salaam.

The firm has consolidated its footprint as the leading supplier of a wide range of quality industrial chemicals, water treatment chemicals, waste water treatment, all types of: water meters, valves, pumps and motors, pipes and fittings, manhole covers.

The firm imports the products from various countries; for instance water meters are imported from Turkey and Germany, water treatment chemical from India, South Africa, France and China, pipes and fittings from China and Turkey while some are sourced from local market.

Junaco Trading Kenya competes on, quality; staff with experience and market know-how capacity coupled with a brilliant engineering team that is equipped with the latest technology. Affirming this, Beatrice Ouma, the Sales and Marketing Manager says the firm’s chief business is to provide water solution by providing waste water treatment services and water treatment chemicals.

Junaco Trading Kenya Limited; Water Solutions ProviderThe company competes on the latest technology and trends in water meters (flow meters) such as prepaid meters; the system is based on the principle that the water consumption is calculated, and consumers are charged accordingly in advance. The counter of the water meter may be observed both from mechanical and electronic displays.

Electronic display shows information about loaded credit, total credit, total water consumption, credit unit prize, the interference state and the battery level. As he clarifies, the system is efficient to both consumers and suppliers considering that it reduces non revenue water. Furthermore, it gives accurate information on the end usage.

Additionally, Junaco has introduced Composite Manhole covers or FRP manhole covers to counter cast iron manhole covers in wastewater collection systems, sewer systems, storm water systems, utilities and industrial applications.

Confirming this, Sammy Mugalo, the Sales Technical representative, says Composite Manhole Covers have zero scrap value and eliminate manhole lid theft, they are durable considering that composite manhole covers stay where they should be; locked into place manhole lids that have popped off are a big problem and liability for utilities.

Sewer backups, storms, flooding, vandals and even truck tires can cause the lids to be knocked out of place or even missing manhole covers.

The callout costs due to this have become much higher and losses due to liabilities are mounting.

Confirming this Ms. Ouma, says the company’s core business is providing water solution by supplying water treatment chemicals, water meters to name but a few. This includes products such as: Calcium Hypochlorite that is frequently used as disinfectant or a bleaching agent in drinking water system, swimming pool.

The product is used as a substitute of chlorine gas which is difficult to handle in many contexts but which the company also deals in. Other water treatment products are as follows: Aluminum Sulphate, Soda Ash, Ferric Chlorine, Water polymers, Aluminum Carbonate, Potassium Hydroxide to name but a few.

The company gives a warranty of three years on the mechanical products and one to ten years on the spare parts. However, the industry still faces some threats; for instance low quality product is the core obstacle that drags the field.

As he explains there are still sub standard products that are penetrating into the market. “Some manufacturing companies do not adhere to required standards; for example some pipe manufacturing companies still manufacture sub standard products,” he laments.

Junaco Trading Kenya, offices are located in Nairobi, Ngong Road, The Green House, 2nd floor, Suite No. 5 Adams Arcade.


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