SPARTAN DEVELOPERS: Charting a Different Path in Property Development


Spartan Developers Limited was founded in 2010 to fill what the company’s founders felt was a void in the delivery of quality homes with extraordinary features that delivered high returns for investors in a hassle free environment.

According to Project Manager Fahm Bekele, the main objective was to provide quality, unique and exceptionally designed homes for high end clients. “The idea was to deliver buildings that met or surpassed the client’s expectations and in doing so, also provide sufficiently high returns on the rental side”, he says. “With that in mind, the end game was value for your money and satisfaction for the creativity and uniqueness of the building”.

Mr. Bekele says that Spartan did not want to merely fall into line and become just another developer in the country churning average projects. He says the developer has sought to become distinct in the market in various ways.

Unique and Extraordinary Buildings

“For every development we partake in, there is a unique idea, or design feature we try to achieve with each project’s goal being to better designed and finished than the last one. A lot of thought goes into each project to make them unique and because they do not only offer just shelter but a bold sense of design, which then translates to a sense of belonging and emotional attachment from the owners to the tenants that reside in them. This finally equals to a superior investment return for the investor long-term.” He cites The Curve, one of Spartan’s signature projects, as an example. “The Curve is an epic luxury residential development that combines the celebration of nature’s beauty with a totally luxurious yet contemporary lifestyle.” The development is set up to showcase Nairobi’s most distinguishable natural feature, the Nairobi National Park.  The Curve combines the convenience and luxury of a hotel with the freedom and comfort of apartment living and is just a part of the unique property development concepts that Spartan Developers has introduced in the Kenyan capital.”

Top Notch Fit and Finish

At Spartan Developers, great emphasis is laid on quality and workmanship. “It is always the small details that make a difference”, says Bekele. “We will traverse the world to find fixtures and fittings that we feel fit into the narrative of the project we are working on.” He adds that it is this attention to detail that earned one of their projects an award at the East Africa Property Awards in 2014. “The Courtyard at Vanga “won in the category of the Best Apartment Development. Other developments have also been nominated in their classes too.

Customer Service, Delivery and Management of the Developments

The developer is keen to provide superior service to its clients before, during and after purchase of property. The company has trained its employees to adjust themselves to the personality of the clients in order to provide personalized service. Management ensures that everyone follows set standards so as to achieve uniformity across the organization.

Meeting clients imagination and expectation at all costs

One of our Spartan’s cornerstones is meeting and surpassing its clients’ expectations throughout their interaction with the company right from the purchase experience. “We are     always looking for new and better ways to keep our clients satisfied with our development and management offerings. Without our clients we would not exist.”

Spartan Developers is currently engaged in high end residential homes and apartments. Mr Bekele however reveals that in future the company may venture into commercial developments in its own unique way. And while it is currently operating within Nairobi, the company plans to venture out in what he promises will be “market-shaking developments” in their respective locations.


The company has accomplished several projects since inception while others are ongoing or at planning stages.

The Lofts at Wood Avenue

The Lofts at Wood Avenue is premier place to live, play and rejuvenate. Situated along Wood Avenue off Argwings Kodhek in Kilimani, The Lofts at Wood Avenue offers a choice of only 23 sleek and contemporary two-bedroom duplex lofts; a perfect blend of stone, wood and glass mixed with a splash of modern technology. Some of the features include a rooftop pool and gym with spectacular views.

The Courtyard

The Courtyard at Vanga road offers a modern contemporary design complimented by the highest quality of finishes. This extraordinary development of thirty-eight exquisitely designed apartments is made up of chic one-bedroom units, large unique two-bedroom duplexes and a few avant-garde three-bedroom apartments. The apartments consist of 5 different floor plans with large windows and balconies where it combines a mix of exotic wood and exquisite stone finishes and lots of large glass windows all overlooking a spectacular landscaped Courtyard with a heated swimming pool. This property was awarded ‘The Apartment Development of the year – 2014’ at the East African Property Awards.

8545 Kirichwa Creek

The development is made up of eleven classy 320 square meter four-bedroom town houses. These triple level residences come complete with a stunning clubhouse, heated swimming pool and feature cutting edge high end finishes. Starting with stunning front facades, bold glass skylights, wide driveways and ending with generously spaced private gardens the unique designs and fantastic location of these townhomes offer unparalleled luxury. This property was nominated for ‘Gated Community of the Year – 2014’ at the East African Property Awards.


Like other developers in Kenya, Spartan is faced with a myriad challenges as it seeks to achieve its objectives. Land is among them. As a resource whose supply is fixed in nature, land is always one of the key factors influencing property trends. Whereas land supply is fixed, demand is constantly on the rise. The challenges that Spartan and other developers face revolve around land acquisition and property regulations which are often complex and time-consuming and often drive up costs.

Finance is another issue. According to Bekele, there are two elements of this: Construction Debt and Mortgage Finance. “Most developers are involved in major projects and therefore resort to Construction Financing”, he says. “The drastic change in interest rates and cumbersome loan procurement procedures contribute to the challenges developers face in the construction industry. The financial environment plays a vital part in construction industry and its affordability from both the client and developer standpoint is the last cog required to create explosive growth for this industry.”

Another challenge is in infrastructure and urban planning. Cities are growing rapidly due to increased population. The need for modern infrastructure in urban areas cannot be overstated. The infrastructure will ease traffic congestion, fix sewer and storm drainage, and in general improve the environment in which the construction industry functions in general. According to Bekele, Government should invest in modern infrastructure and proper planning. “With quality services developers will build more impressive buildings and maintain the existing ones better.”

Building regulations and laws as pertains to approvals, regulations and permits has also been cited as another area of concern. “The quality of construction activities should not be compromised”, says Bekele adding that in order to ensure minimum standards of structural soundness, effective protection against fire, use of construction materials that do not cause diseases, proper accessibility and environmental protection, the government and stakeholders should regulate activities of building and construction industry.

Other factors that Bekele feels pose a challenge include political instability especially in the electioneering season as well as corruption in the awarding of tenders.

On the status of the property market in Kenya, Bekele feels the sector is performing remarkably well but would like to see issues of land better managed. There should also be regular consultation between authorities and key players in the industry.

He however decries the housing deficit estimated at 200,000 units annually. He feels that new projects should target the middle class and provide premises that are affordable to the majority of those who have a need. “However, this can only be addressed when there is affordable credit that will allow this sector of the market to afford to have mortgages.”

So where does Spartan Developers see itself in the next few years? “We see Spartan Developers growing to be one of the most admired Real Estate Development Companies in Africa that will have developed unique, sustainable, and among the most extraordinary buildings in this part of the world”, says Bekele. “

“Our major aim is to build iconic buildings that will stand the test of time!” he concludes.

Country/ Features Editor, Kenya