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GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. introduces the Tornadic Kinetic Vortex “TKV”

GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. introduced a unique product reduction technology called “TKV,” short for Tornadic Kinetic Vortex, nicknamed “Tornado in a Can.”

This technology has been in existence for year. However, the price has made it out of reach, until now. After much product development, GrinderCrusherScreen is promoting the “TKV” as its choice of technologies. As a secondary grinder for many applications where a fine material is needed, “TKV” can take bark nuggets to powder and unscreened compost to a fine highly desired material. Other applications include reducing shingles to a fine grade recycled material, MSW to fluff, glass to sand or powder and manure to fertilizer.

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The destruction is vast, and it rivals sticking a tornado inside a nine-sided structure where the devastation is magnified and devastating. The flying material is quickly reduced by hitting each other and by slamming into the nine walls. Unlike traditional grinders where the hammers and tips do the grinding, in this technology the machine is creating vortexes. The result of the vortexes is material reduction. The result is considerably lower operating costs, less wear on the machine and a more economical way to process.

GrinderCrusherScreen is promoting the GCS Tornadic Kinetic Pulverizer as a secondary processor able to accept 12 in. minus material. GrinderCrusherScreen recommends the use of a shredder with a magnet for primary shredding, and the “TKV” for the finishing work. The “Tornado in a Can” technology gives customers the ability to produce considerably finer material than traditional equipment.

GrinderCrusherScreen is a construction equipment company that brings to the recycling industry a fresh new outlet for purchasing and listing of high quality. These are inclusive of but not limited to  previously owned portable grinders, crushers, screening plants, and related equipment.

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