How to make maximum use of small office spaces

green office design with wood dividers
green office design with wood dividers

Maximum use, small office spaces are two phrases that do not necessarily go hand in hand. In fact, most employers think of maximum use of small office spaces as  moving a couple of desks closer to each other or maybe even stacking shelves atop each other in order to make the room less crowded. However, there are more ways through which one can make maximum use of small office space:

Rely less on paper in a bid to declutter – A small office will become more active by reducing the reliance on paper. This in turn will decrease the number of filing cabinets and other storage equipment required. Clutter not only slows you down physically in a small office space, but mentally as well. Define your space, convey a sense of purpose and stimulate the generation of new ideas through displayed thinking.

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Use wall-to-wall flooring- Use one flooring material wall-to-wall instead of having a rug on a carpet or hard floor. Small rugs can make any space feel chopped up so stick with wall-to-wall commercial carpeting or an engineered wood floor that will be easy to care for. Avoid hard floor tiles, which can create an echo and make phone conversations challenging.

Forget the big desk dream- Use small scale pieces. Everything is getting smaller in offices, and big desks are like dinosaurs—gone. Get a small work station, perhaps one with a couple of file cabinets and a pencil drawer.

Let the light shine in-Use overhead down-lighting such as a track with LED spots or recessed LED lighting (and not up-lights that illuminate the ceiling but create shadows everywhere else). Get a small metal LED desk lamp, too. Avoid floor lamps that take up much-needed space.

Think vertically-Take advantage of vertical space. Use shelving that attaches to the studs in your walls. Stylish wall hooks are great for keeping your sweater or coat off the back of your chair And, a desk with shelving above it can work well in rental spaces where drilling into the wall isn’t always an option.