Power & Energy Cameroon 2017 Congress

The 1st Cameroon International Power, Energy and Equipment Congress and Exhibition, to be held at TurcamHall, the first Trade and Exhibition Center in the Capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, between September 13th and 16th 2017,is supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Directorate of Renewable Energy, and the Ministry of Trade of Cameroon.

The congress has been designed to share information between Cameroon and Turkey, to improve cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy and to boost the presence of Turkish businessmen in the region.

During the 1 st Cameroon International Power, Energy and Equipments Congress and Exhibition, the first trade event of its’ kind, investment and cooperation opportunities for renewable energy in Africa and especially Cameroon will be discussed in depth. During the forum, projects to enable a much larger portion of the Cameroonian population to have access to energy will be examined and a regional information platform shall be established.
Theme of the Congress:“Renewable Energy and the Future of Africa”Topics of the Congress:

 Energy Legislation in Cameroon
 Financing of energy in Cameroon
 Production of renewable energy
 Applications of renewable energy
 Sample models for renewable energy

The exhibition will be the first specialty international trade fair in the region. It will cover categories such as energy production, transmission, lighting and fixtures. Industries such as energy efficiency and conservation, fossil fuel systems, wind energy systems, solar energy systems, geothermal systems, biogas systems, power transmission and connection systems, fire security systems, repairs, maintenance and service for energy facilities, environment/recycling technologies, industrial control and automation, contractors, builders and logistic services will participate in the exhibition.

Visitors’ Profile

An intensive publicity program for the event is under way in Central/West African
region where Cameroon is situated. In addition businessmen are directly invited to
the event in collaboration with several regional trade bodies.

Power & Energy Cameroon 2017 B2B Talks:
B2B talks scheduled for the last day of the event are specially designed to meet the
goals and expectations of the participants. The program is widely publicized both in
Cameroon and the CEMAC countries.

At the heart of the B2B talks is the business matchmaking program to ensure that
professionally held, result oriented meetings end in long term, enduring business

Why Participate?

 Fast economic growth and rising demand for energy in Cameroon
 First and only energy event in the region on this scale
 A Professional program to promote cooperation on energy between Cameroon
and Turkey
 Meeting point of the industrial opinion leaders/Industrial information platform
 A Unique program integrating a congress, an exhibition and B2B talks


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