Solar Power ends water woes in Malawian district

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Provision of solar-powered clean and portable water by Christian Aid in conjunction with Churches Action for Relief and Development (CARD) in the Malawian district of Nsanje has put a smile on the faces of residents.

The people of T/A Chimombo have hailed the project for bringing clean water closer to people thereby ending problems of water-borne diseases and the long distances women and girls walk in search of water.

Chimombo said that what Christian Aid and CARD had done for them was a big help that many organizations in Nsanje are failing to do, that alot of organizations had been claiming that they were running projects in Nsanje district but all they were doing is placing or planting posters, banners and sign posts with nothing on the ground to point at.

The traditional leader has since requested his subjects to protect the solar-powered water points to ensure communities continue benefiting from the portable and clean water.

“Wadidi nkhupeza (a good Samaritan is difficult to find), my message to my people is that a good person must be honored and assisted, and since Christian Aid and CARD have helped us here and we are enjoying therefore when CARD comes here we should also help them in their activities and at the same time we must take care of the things they have given us,” said Chimomboand

He urged the people not to steal and vandalize the project. He also warned against those who wanted to destroy the project stating that those found would not be spared.

He told the people to take good care of the water project and to also make good use of the water by practicing irrigation farming since water will no longer be a problem.

Communities have since requested Christian Aid to continue the projects in other areas where women and girls experience problems in search for clean and portable water supply.