Ethiopia seeks alternative affordable housing

Housing project
Housing project

Short supply of alternative affordable housing poses a major challenge for residents of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The overwhelmingly rising demand, makes it necessary to come up with alternative low-cost housing projects.

There is a huge gap between the number of people registered in the programs and built and transferred houses so far. This is in spite of government’s implementing condominium housing projects for more than a decade. Moreover, with the current pace quick remedy and alternative schemes to remedy the situation are needed.

Government housing initiatives

So far, the government’s main options; 10/90, 80/20, and 40/60 housing projects so far. However, Addis Ababa Housing Development Project Office head Aregote Alemu said not all citizens can afford those. As such pilot projects are in place to construct rental houses for lower income groups and civil servants.

The government has planned 450,000 houses would be built in the capital during GTP II. Cooperatives, private developers and other alternative projects will cater to half of these. The 50/50 cooperative housing scheme as a concept is held as an alternative program. On the other hand, it does not address the demands of low and middle income groups. This is because the price of the houses is in the range of $25,800 to $37,800.

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Unfortunately, there is not yet any organized plan on the table for alternative low-cost housing schemes. This is according to the information from the Ministry of Urban and Housing Development.

Fasil Giorgies, is assistant professor at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC). According to him the institution has tried to come up with low-cost and time efficient innovative housing schemes. In addition, they have tried using local construction materials in old slums. He explained that housing development goes in line with urban development. It should therefore not be seen as a separate thing as it is the case.

Housing is a challenge that a city or a nation has to confront with all the time. Hence it demands a long-term strategy. This is according to Dirk Doath, an architect from Germany’s Bauhaus University. Dirk  took part in a collaborative pilot low cost housing project in Addis a couple of years ago.