Solar-Powered Water Supply to Protect Rwanda citizens Against Crocodiles

Solar water supply

The national water utility agency has started on a $96,000 solar-powered borehole project. The project will to serve as a measure to save people living along the Nyabarongo river from deadly crocodiles.

According to The deputy chief executive of Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) Gisele Umuhumuza, all areas exposed to crocodile attacks will have access to water from boreholes. This is after conduction of tests to ensure the solar-powered technology works well.

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Water supply projects

Umuhumuza noted that people living in the cells of Kavumu and Nyarufunzo will use the borehole. They will use the borehole as they await long-term and sustainable water supply systems. She explained that a project to construct two water supply systems is going to be revived after stalling for some time.

Residents within the city’s master plan settlement will benefit from the water project. WASAC, in conjunction with the district contracted the Reserve Forces to construct the systems.

A budget worth $426,000 to construct two 8.8 kilometre supply systems to different cells is already available. According to Umuhumuza, a contract with the Reserve Forces will enable the start of the construction.

In addition, the chairperson Transparency International in Rwanda Marie Immaculee Ingabire said the Government should establish measures to protect the environment as well as human beings. She also added that the government should establish projects that help people preserve the environment.


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