Zimbabwe to supply treated water to South Africa

Beitbridge project
Beitbridge project

Zimbabwe’s Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has announced opened negotiations between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The negotiations, which were done through the Bi-National Commission will see Zimbabwe supply treated water to the latter’s northern region.

The Vice President was speaking at the launch of a new water treatment plant in Beitbridge. The $40m plant, has a pumping capacity of 4 000 cubic metres of water per hour.

However, Beitbridge town requires an average of 15 000 mega litres of water per day. At its start as a port town, the water treatment plant was designed to supply only 3 000 mega litres per day.

Location and investments

VP Mphoko said Beitbridge town’s location at one of the busiest ports of entry in SADC serves to its advantage. As such, there is need to give growing projects in the area the priority they deserve.

According to him, the town of Beitbridge plays an important part in Zimbabwe’s economic development. This is because it is the largest port of entry linking Zimbabwe to South Africa and the sea.

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According to the VP, this requires investments in adequate infrastructure, institutions and systems. As a result it will allow more people to access water. Furthermore, the Beitbridge project is a living determination to resolve access to the water matrix and set a new route.

Vice President Mphoko said the improved water supply situation will help attract foreign investors to the town.

He said investors were comfortable doing business in areas with reliable water supplies. The Minister of State Security, Kembo Mohadi, said the completion of the water treatment plant was long overdue. Kembo is also the legislator of Beitbridge East constituency which covers the border town,

According to the minister the central government should consider handing over the management and administration of water in the area to the town council.


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