The Concrete Manufacturers Association Certification Services obtains South African National Accreditation Services

Through its continuing pursuit of excellence in precast concrete, the Concrete Manufacturers Association Certification Services (CMA CS) has obtained South African National Accreditation Services (SANAS) accreditation for the certification of a wide range of precast concrete products.

The certification puts it in the forefront of precast certification and ensures that specifiers and engineers can specify products bearing the CMA CS Mark of Approval with the utmost confidence. Products bearing the CMA CS Mark of Approval are certified to comply with requirements as prescribed by the relevant South African National Standards (SANS) code.

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The precast industry association established the CMA CS as an alternative supplier to the traditional SABS certification process, following ongoing complaints from its members and their customers complaining of unwarranted delays in obtaining and renewing product certifications. The CMA CS is subsequently registered and obtained accreditation as an official certification authority.

Going strong

“Since then we have undertaken a number of audits and provided several companies with product category certifications. Now, with the addition of SANAS accreditation pertaining to specific product groups, we can confidently certify most precast product types that are required to meet SANS specifications.

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“In future, all CMA CS Mark of Approval certificates will bear the SANAS number (C75) and logo on it and we will re-issue new certificates to the current mark holders in due course. The best thing about our mark is that it is internationally accepted meaning we can also provide services outside the borders of South Africa.

“For those producers that were concerned and who are still struggling to obtain new permits or renewals from the SABS, we are happy to inform them that the CMA CS is now available to issue certificates with the SANAS Accreditation number and logo on it in the same manner as any other accredited certification body. But, with the added assurance that we will maintain the highest standards for our certification services always,” says CMA CS CEO, Frans Minnaar.

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SANAS certification is obtained for the following product categories:

  • SANS 508 – Retaining Blocks
  • SANS 542 – Roof Tiles
  • SANS 677 – Non-Pressure Pipes
  • SANS 927 – Kerbs and Edgings
  • SANS 986 – Reinforced Culverts
  • SANS 1058 – Paving Blocks
  • SANS 1215 – Masonry Units
  • SANS 1294 – Manhole Components

Rest assured

For the end-users of pre-cast products, the CMA CS mark of approval ensures that the company producing products under this mark of approval is being assessed on a regular basis for compliance with their quality management systems, as well as the applicable product specifications for which they have the CMA CS mark.

“Our CMA CS system auditors are all carefully selected and approved before they are allowed to perform product audits. Likewise, our permits are only issued to producers that meetall the necessary requirements for compliance.  However, end-users should spend the time to ensure the validity of any mark certificate by confirming the permit number on the “Mark Holder’s List”which is published on the CMA website ( before acceptance. The CMA CS Mark of Approval is the Mark you can trust for real compliance with SANS specifications,” Frans concludes.

Concrete Manufacturers Association, Frans Minnaar, Tel: (011) 805 6742, Email: [email protected], Web:



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