Organic Matter to Generate Electricity in Zimbabwe

It is possible to generate about 18 000 MW hours of electricity from organic matter per year in Harare alone. A preliminary study has shown.

From the study, the 18000 MW hours of electricity is sufficient for 300000 people with continuous supply of electricity per year. The average consumption of electricity per individual is about 60 to 70 KW hours per year.

Environmental Management Agency environmental officer, Mr Luke Makarichi explained the findings saying it is possible to recover materials and energy from the waste refuse using technology.

“The study shows that it is possible to generate about 18000 MW hours per year from the organic fraction alone. “Our municipal solid waste comprises a number of components. These include plastics, metals, wood as well as food which is the organic part of the biodegradable portion. That  portion alone can generate that amount of energy if we install bio gas powered generators using the digested solid waste,” he said.

Instead of heaping waste material at dumpsites, recovering energy from waste material is ideal in minimizing the volume of refuse at dumpsites.

Waste matter into Energy

“Instead of just collecting the refuse and throwing it at dumpsites, why not recover material and energy from it. “At the end of the day we will have very little portion of the waste to consider as refuse. There will also be a good incentive to clean up our environment and collect refuse. This is because it will no longer be refuse but a resource,” he further added. He also said that the nation should not only focus on renewable energy. It should also expand it to alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels.


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