Poor Electricity Supply May Persist in Nigeria As Discos Reject 1000MW Daily

The current trend by the Distribution companies (Discos) of rejecting generated energy from power plants, may cause Nigeria to take long to overcome its electricity supply challenges. According to a review of the power sector load in mid August 2017, Discos reject an average of 1000 megawatts.

The continuous rejection could worsen power supply and cause more economic loss for the country, hence causing a shortage in the supply of the power in the country.

The Daily operational reports

The Daily operational reports from(TCN) Transmission Company of Nigeria on September 7, 2017 show a worrying trend. Despite the country having a national peak demand of 19,100mw the country was only able to generate 3,264. TCN has continued to transmit below its capability despite the country’s ability to generate more.

TCN’s inability to transmit available power to the distribution companies has caused power trouble. Resulting in complaints from power generation companies.

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According to Dallas Peavey, Managing Director and Chief Executive the company was able to overcome the gas supply challenge. Unfortunately, it also has over 700mw of idle power. Transmission of the power to the distribution companies can not happen.

Sunday Oduntan the Director of Research blames TCN for its situation. He said the situation will persist as TCN continues to face technical limitations. These limitations will also prevent the distribution of power to some specific  locations

The issue was not the wrong dumping  of load where the Discos could not recover the cost of power supply. According to him, TCN was not able to properly transmit generated power to different distribution companies. He said that the reality was that  transmission remains the weakest link in the power value chain.

The General Manager of TCN said that the company was working hard to improve and stabilize the grid frequency. He also added that the company was committed to taking all other actions that would help sustain system stability.


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