Rwandese community gets portable water system from Water Mission Malawi

Safe water treatment system at Dina school Malawi

The Mckinnon Family, through Water Mission Malawi (WMM) handed over portable piped water system to the people last week. Community members from Group Village Heads (GVHs) Longwe and Maluma in Liwaladzi, Nkhotakota had a big feast on the same day to celebrate the same.

WMM Country Director, Nixon Sinyiza said they installed safe water system for piped water to the communities. This was after the realization that the eight villages had no potable water for consumption. The people relied on untreated water from open shallow wells. As a result, there was a widespread waterborne diseases epidemic.

The director explained that the tap water supply provided has more advantages over some sources. According to WMM official, 10 000 people would benefit from the USD $161,000 project which has taken 12 months of construction.

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The one water source makes it possible to to supply to a bigger community. For example in a situation where 10,000 people need more than 20 boreholes one water system will still suffice. According to the director, the water supplied to the community is treated and ready for consumption.

Representative of Chief Kanyenda, GVH Kalewa said the project came in time. This is due to the fact that scarcity of safe water forced a number among the 60 villages to depend on unsafe water for consumption.

According to the chief, the water system which has 20 taps in 10 water points will reduce queues and distances. Community members were urged to refrain from vandalism and repairing the water system whenever there is a fault.


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