US$ 8m first Kiambu town mall in Kenya set to be opened

The US$ 8m Kiambu Mall which is currently in its final stages will open its doors to the public in December. The dates shifted from August to December due to construction delays.

Mugaa Investment Developers chairman Peter Burugu blames the delays on political uncertainty in the country which has slowed down shipment of construction materials. However, construction work at the site is now at its peak, as the developer aims to open before Christmas holidays.

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“This mall is a first for Kiambu town which has set standards for future developers coming here. We intend to give an alternative to those traveling from Kiambu to Nairobi for their shopping,” said Mr Burugu.

Brands in Kiambu Mall

The mega mall will house big brands like Botswana retailer Choppies. It will be the mall’s anchor tenant. Other tenants include Java, Nairobi Hospital, Ashleys, Vivo, and Commercial Bank of Africa among others.

The sub-anchor, Nairobi Hospital has a fully-fledged mini-hospital complete with ambulance services for emergencies. Both will be the pull factor for the required footfall necessary to make this Mall a success.

The development which has five floors will constitute of shops in the first three floors while the top most floor will be offices. All floors will have elevators and escalators which assist shoppers to navigate round the Mall with speed and efficiency.

Currently, several business developments are taking place in Kiambu, especially real estate. There is Migaa, Edenville, Five Star developments, Runda paradise among others surrounding Kiambu town.

Additionally, this initiative will provide shopping convenience for the residents in the estates and its main target customers are the middle class.



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