City of Johannesburg needs US $887.5m to fix water infrastructure

leaking tap

The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has revealed it will need around US $887.5m to fix the water infrastructure. The money will over the next ten years help renew and replace the city’s dilapidated water infrastructure.

Joburg Water is in the process of building 9 new water reservoirs and towers. These will serve 163 800 households. Areas covered include Blue Hills, Woodmead, Halfway House, Lawley and Doornkop West.

A sum from the funds will go to the renewal and replacement of 633 km of water pipes and 456 km of sewer pipes. However, the first step at the moment for the city is securing funds. This will serve the purpose of upgrading water and sewer capacity. The water pump stations are also included together with the rehabilitation of reservoirs. Water pipes replacement and the refurbishment of wastewater treatment works plant are also in consideration.

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Vandalism of water meters

CoJ environment and infrastructure services MEC Nico de Jager said that theft of brass water meters is only but worsening the situation. This is means the city is forced to spend a lot of money for maintenance and repairs of the same. According to Mr. Jager, the 2016/17 financial year saw around 4 004 brass meters stolen.

In a bid to curb this, Joburg Water is thus working closely with community policing forums. These will help increase police visibility to assist in curbing the theft of meters. The city is also considering establishing first-line response teams. The teams will assist in reducing time of water wastage when pipe bursts occur. This, in turn, will reduce the direct cost of said leaks.



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