Mozambique’s EDM records US $85,000 in losses due to theft

Mozambique’s publicly owned electricity company, Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), has suffered losses of at least US $85,000 from theft of energy in the western province of Tete.

According to the provincial director of mineral resources and energy, Gracio Cune, losses resulted acts such as clandestine connections to the electricity grid. There was also cases of theft of electricity meters and cables.

The destruction of electricity pylons caused heavy losses both to EDM and to its clients. According to Cune this is usually in order to steal cables or metallic parts of the pylons. Affected homes had to deal with the blackouts while others received poor quality energy.

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Costly repairs

Cune further added that last year EDM recorded 2,290 cases of theft of energy by fraud. There were also 801 clandestine connections to the grid. The company was thus greatly affected since the people involved do not pay for the electricity they consume.

Fraud and illicit connections cost EDM over US $52.750 in Tete. The theft of cables and accessories cost over US $10,720. According to Cune the cost of replacing pylons knocked EDM down US $9,784. On the other hand, the theft of electricity meters cost EDM around US $3,454.

Cune explained that the amount used in repairing the damage could very well get spent on the expansion of the grid. As such, it proves as a drawback to the electricity sector in the country. He urged members of the public to collaborate in reporting to the authorities people who steal EDM property. This is inclusive of clandestine connections.



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