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4,000 Villages in Tanzania set to benefit from rural electrification

The Tanzanian Government will start implementing the third phase of the rural electrification, connecting nearly 4,000 villages at the end of February. According to the Deputy Minister for Energy, Ms. Subira Mugambo, the project has been facing some technical hitches. However, all had been put in place, ready for the grand exercise.

There are a few projects that had been worked on. Some of the projects in Geita and Mwanza have been completed and the areas receive electricity.

According to Ms. Subira the implementation of these projects is worrisome. As a result, the government has appointed 27 engineers who will be charged with supervising the implementation of the project.

In addition, all the contractors who were awarded construction tenders recently will start work before February 28.

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Strategic plan

The Tanzanian government adopted its strategic plan to connect all villages with electricity come 2021. The first phase of REA III will connect 3,559 villages. Another 4,314 villages will be reached during the implementation of the second phase of REA III that starts in April 2019.

A statement from the energy ministry shows 27 villages in Momba district will be connected during the implementation of REA III. Energy Deputy Minister says STEG International has been contracted to build a 60km long 33Kv distribution line and an addition 108km long 0.4Kv, fix 54 transformers and connect at least 1,773 new customers.

The project is expected to cost US $ 6.7bn. The work will be complete by April 2019.

Moreen Mbogo
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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