Johannesburg Roads Agency intensifies its repair of city roads

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has repaired 44 350 potholes across the city since the beginning of the 2017/18 financial year.

The city currently has a backlog of US $1bn for upgrading the city’s 13 599 km road network, of which US $608.1m is required for repairs to surfaced roads and US $402.6m for the upgrade of gravel roads to tar.

“City-wide, the JRA is faced with a US $7bn ten-year backlog to address the city’s ageing road infrastructure. Based on the 2017 JRA roads conditions study, we are faced with a 25% increase in the deterioration of the road network condition, from 89% to 64%. The excessive damage to our road network has resulted in a rise in pothole reports and increased safety concerns,”  said Transport MMC Nonhlanhla Makhuba.

The JRA noted that it continues to prioritize pothole repairs, with US $7.5m allocated towards fast-tracking repairs and priority roads scheduled for upgrades.

Since July 2017, 520km of roads have been resurfaced, 32.26km upgraded from gravel roads to surfaced roads and a total 300m of open storm water drains have been converted to underground systems.

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Service delivery

In an effort to enhance service delivery, the JRA is in the process of completing the installation of an asphalt plant.

The new plant will improve efficiency and produce hot and cold tar mix through improved environment-friendly processes. It will also increase the supply of asphalt for pothole repairs and road surfacing to JRA’s road surfacing depot and seven regional depots.

Resurfacing and reconstruction

The JRA said US $20.6m has been allocated towards resurfacing and reconstruction. The allocation is split with US $12m for resurfacing and US $8.6m for reconstruction. A further US $25.3m has been allocated towards the upgrading of gravel roads.

“At present, 32% of surfaced roads, which make up 3 968km require reconstruction, 45% of surfaced roads, which make up 5 581km, is in very good and good condition and 23% of surfaced roads, which make up 2 852km, require resurfacing,” said Makhuba.


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