Stabila LAR 350 rotation laser features world-first motion control system

The LAR 350 rotation laser from Stabila, launched locally by official African distributor Upat, features a world-first motion control system comprising an intuitive remote control with an in-built movement sensor.

By turning the remote control to the right or left, the movement sensor accelerates or decelerates the chosen function. This enables the user to intuitively control numerous functions by means of the in-built sensor, which detects every hand movement, and transmits this to the laser beam by means of infrared technology up to a distance of 80 m, Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber explains.

Apart from motion control, the LAR 350 rotation laser also features an LED assist system showing the Y and X axis, which makes every levelling task easier, quicker, and more effective and reliable. The LED assist system enables visual monitoring of the X and Y axis from a distance. “This prevents the user from having to continuously carry out checks at the position of the laser, thereby saving significant time,” Weber comments.

Adjustment of the axis inclination can be carried out easily. Additional setting options for the new motion control remote includes rotation speed, size, and position of the scanning area when using the line function, or the size and position of the actively rotating laser in section mode.

In section mode, the rotating laser beam can be limited to a particular sector. “This prevents the beam from interfering with other lasers, or visually disturbing other professionals working at the site,” Weber adds. This means that multiple lasers can now be deployed on different tasks simultaneously, without any hindrance.

The two-axis inclination (horizontal and vertical) provides for complete optimal measuring of all tasks. In the horizontal position, the LAR 350 laser beam rotates horizontally 360° around its vertical axis. The vertical levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5°. In the vertical position, the laser beam rotates vertically 360° around the horizontal axis.

The dual-slope inclination setting allows for the levelling plane to be tilted by up to 5° on two axes by remote control, providing for the most accurate measurements in the fastest time. The Stabila protection system allows for optimal durability in the toughest conditions.

“The laser can even be dropped from a height of up to 1.8 m, and will incur zero damage. All that is required is for the operator to reset the laser’s tripod, switch it on, and continue measuring with the same precision as before,” Weber asserts.

The LAR 350 rotation laser

The LAR 350 rotation laser has class IP 65 protection, which provides optimum protection in unfavourable weather conditions uniquely suiting it for use on construction sites. Additionally, the laser can be hosed down and cleaned with water, making it easy to clean and maintain.

This precision German-engineered laser from Stabila, a global leader in distance measuring on construction sites, provides a levelling accuracy of 0.1 mm/m. It is ideal for site-development applications from determining the slope of pipes to the alignment of the corners of buildings and batter boards, trench construction, and checking the level of concrete floors.

By turning the remote control to the right or left, the movement sensor accelerates or decelerates the chosen function. This enables the user to intuitively control numerous functions by means of the in-built sensor, which detects every hand movement.

The LAR 350 rotation laser can also be used for all shell construction applications, such as determining the height of formwork for concrete ceilings, the installation of system formwork walls, determining the accuracy of levelling layers, checking the slopes of ramps, the alignment of roof construction, and ensuring that steel struts are mounted accurately.

The laser is also suitable for expansion projects and outdoor installations, including façade cladding and wooden casing levelling, roof cladding and false ceiling alignment, insertion of partition walls, determining the shape of and height of terrain and designing parking areas.

About Upat

Upat SA (Pty) Ltd. is a 100% South African owned business that began trading in 1983. From the outset, Upat has been committed to the building industry, supplying not only a range of anchor bolts, but also rotary hammer drilling machines, tungsten-tipped masonry drill bits, powder actuated tools, and allied building and construction products. Upat’s ability to supply a range of top-quality products at market-related prices has resulted in it becoming a market leader in Southern Africa.

Upat is proudly the sole Southern African distributor of the fischer range of construction fasteners, the Milwaukee power-tool brand and the Stabila range of measuring tools.


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