Plans are underway for the construction of Nduli Airport in Tanzania

Plans are underway for the construction of Nduli Airport in  Iringa Region, Tanzania. Currently, Tanzania has 10 existing and operational airports. The plans come after a just completed feasibility study on the airport project.

The Tanzanian government has set aside funds to kick start the construction of the Airport. The Project’s tender has also been issued for interested and qualified bidders.

Responding to a question posed by MP Ritta Kabati as to why until now there is no jet fuel station at the planned airport despite government promising that the station would now be in place, Deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Joseph Kwandikwa replied that, the airport project is yet to kick start to warrant the construction of a jet fuel station at the project site.

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In the meantime, the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has licensed certain private companies to offer the jet fuel once the airport becomes operational.

About Iringa/Nduli Airport

Located 13 km northeast of the municipality, Iringa Airport serves Iringa and the surrounding Iringa Region. The airport’s single runway lies parallel to the A104 trunk road.

About Iringa region

Iringa Region is home to Ruaha National Park, Tanzania’s second largest park, which has an abundance of wildlife. The Regional Commissioner of the Region is Amina Mesenza.

The regional capital is Iringa. The region’s population is 941,238. It is primarily agricultural and boasts the second-highest per-capita GDP in the country. Iringa is also one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions.


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