Tender for upgrade of Kigoma Port in Tanzania re-advertised

Tender for upgrading Kigoma Port to a port of destination (CIF Kigoma) has been issued. 21 companies have already expressed interest after the government re-advertised the tender. The government re-advertised the tender in a bid to have a successful bidder who will conduct a feasibility study and detailed design as well as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This is according to Deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Atashasta Nditiye.

On completion the Kigoma port will becomes the final destination for cargo from Burundi and Eastern DRC (Kigoma Port of Destination CIF Kigoma).

According to Minister Nditiye the government understands the importance of the Kigoma Port for the best interest of the region, country and the neighbouring countries. Additionally, the government through TPA during the 2017/2018 fiscal year allocated funds for the construction of the small ports of Ujiji and Kibirizi and once completed the ports can enable other projects including that of the Ujiji City-Great Lakes Trade and Logistics Centre.

The project is a vast undertaking, including not only the core project, but also the other elements such as generators for backup power in Tanzania and Kenya are essential, electricity substations and  transmission. Electrical load calculations along with environmental considerations will drive these later phases of the construction. Other ports in the region rely on big diesel generators to ensure they continue to run, even when the port has a mains power outage.

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Moreover, the government came to a decision to re-advertise the tender after the earlier tender flopped as nobody expressed interest. However, the government will this round asses all bidders that have expressed interests towards the port project in order to get the best bidder. It is also expected that work will kick off soon once the best contractor has been identified.

About Kigoma port

Kigoma is one of the busiest ports located on the north eastern Lake Tanganyika. Nonetheless, the government has plans to create an economic zone at the port to stimulate trade as well as ensuring stable economic growth of the Port.

The port is also located close to the border with Burundi and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kigoma port currently serves as the capital for the surrounding Kigoma Region and has a population of 135,234 (2007 census) and an elevation of 775 m.

Kigoma port is the only port in Tanzania that has a functioning railway connection which is a direct link to the seaport at Dar-es-Salaam. Additionally, Kigoma Port in Kigoma Bay has a wharf of two hundred metres and several cranes and is also equipped to handle shipping containers.


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