Krystol high caliber water proofing products

Krystol high caliber water proofing products

Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to create permanently waterproof concrete. KIM lowers the permeability of concrete, and is used in place of surface applied waterproofing membranes. By stopping the transmission of water through concrete, KIM adds durability and longevity to concrete by protecting it against chemical attack and corrosion of reinforcing steel. KIM was invented in the 1980s and buildings waterproofed with KIM are still dry today. Kryton offers a unique industry-leading 25-year warranty for the Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) admixture which has the highest level of permeability reduction.

Kryton also has a full suite of jointing solutions for new construction that are regularly used in conjunction with KIM.

Kryton’s repair solutions are very popular in Africa. The product line includes Krystol Plug, Krystol Repair Grout and Krystol T1, which can be used together to form the Krystol Leak Repair System, and Krystol Bari-Cote. Together they are used to resurface, waterproof and repair leaking cracks, penetrations, tie-holes and defective concrete from the positive or negative side of the water pressure.

Save both time and money by eliminating risks associated with waterproofing. You get expert help—before, during and after construction—with instructions, technical materials and videos that make it easy to use Kryton products to create watertight structures that last. They also provide full specifications and training for architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-trades and concrete producers.

Krystol high caliber water proofing productsKryton’s newest product, Hard-Cem, is an Integral Hardening Admixture used to increase abrasion and erosion resistance of concrete. Hard-Cem is added to the concrete at the time of batching to increase the hardness of the concrete and expand concrete wear life. It outperforms and overcomes deficiencies of labor intensive surface applied hardeners, and can be used to enhance durability of both air-entrained and non-air-entrained concretes. Since it is integral, Hard-Cem can be used to harden horizontal, vertical or inclined concrete and shotcrete surfaces. It replaces the need for dry-shake hardening products, lowers installed cost, provides improved quality control and reduces maintenance costs. This integral admixture innovation is added directly to the concrete mix, the same way KIM is added.

Kryton has independent accreditation from construction authorities around the world such as the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), NSF International and British Board of Agreement (BBA). Kryton is a proud contributing member of industry and academic guiding bodies such as American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) and are known as the most trusted name in waterproofing.

Kryton solutions are sold by over 50 distributors worldwide. Kryton partners in Africa are: Concrete Logistics (Nigeria); Kryton Tanzania (Kenya & Tanzania) and Sanika (South Africa). Kryton distribution partner applications are now being accepted at [email protected]