CM Labs introduces a new crane Signaler Training Station

CM Labs introduces a new crane Signaler Training Station

CM Labs has introduced its new crane Signaler Training Station that allows for team training while using the company’s Vortex Trainer and Vortex Advantage simulators.

With the station, a trainee can simulate giving hand signals to direct the trainee operating the crane simulator. The station has a webcam and provides a picture-in-picture display on the crane simulator.

The signaler can move around the simulated work site to inspect the lifting area and identify potential hazards. It allows team members to train simultaneously, as well as be trained in situations that are too risky or costly to do in real life.

“From job planning to after-action review, collaborative learning builds effective teams,” said Lisa Barbieri, CM Labs’ vice president of marketing. “CM Labs’ new cooperative signaler station allows novice operators to train for effective teamwork and communications in a realistic and wholly risk-free environment.”

Crane Signaler Training Station

The station provides a way to learn correct signaler and load positioning, proper hand signals, optimal lines of sight, and safe direction of lift operations.

Instructors can monitor the training from an Instructor Operating Station that provides scoring and reporting capabilities. The instructor can also introduce challenges at any time to the training, such as equipment malfunctions or weather events, according to CM Labs.

The Signaler Training Station can be used with all of CM Labs’ crane operator training packs, including the flat-top and luffing tower cranes, rough terrain mobile crane and crawler crane, the company says.