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Italian company Oikos partners with Kenya to increase African presence

Oikos, which is an Italian paint maker has partnered with studio6 Interiors, a local interior design and build consultant, to increase its African presence in Kenya and the larger East African market.

Oikos eco-friendly paints

Studio6 Interior chief executive Monica Kung’u confirmed the news and said that the venture will see the local firm distribute Oikos eco-friendly paints, decorative materials and furniture solutions in the region.

“The partnership is looking to make significant contributions toward environmentally responsible housing, growth in manufacturing output and fixing demand for designer paints and solutions,” said Ms Kung’u.

Oikos International Business development manager Jonathan Sharpe said the partnership would seek to open Kenya’s access to top of the class green products made from natural pigments that are safe for use.

“These natural ingredients offer you preventive measure that will save you on medical bills by covering you against health risks such as cancer while letting you enjoy vibrancy of colours, durability and protect integrity of your projects,” Mr Sharpe said.

Oikos have always believed in innovation as a driver of change, and are aware that research is intended to improve the lives of people and support the evolution of society.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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