Questworks receives US $1.2m for its commercial and industrial solar projects in Kenya

Questworks receives US $1.2m for its commercial and industrial solar projects in Kenya

SunFunder has set up a US $1.2m facility for Questworks, a Kenyan firm focused on delivering its strong pipeline of commercial and industrial (C&I) solar projects.

Questworks is among Nairobi’s earliest renewable energy C&I engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies and has built a significant track record over the past five years, building more than 2MW of solar projects.

Nairobi’s first C&I solar installation in 2014

The company completed Nairobi’s first C&I solar installation in 2014, the 600kW hybrid system at Strathmore University, which was also Kenya’s first solar project to sign a power purchase agreement.

The economics of solar now offer compelling business cases for grid-tied as well as off-grid C&I solar installations. By adding solar to offset grid power and backup diesel generation, C&I end users – such as universities, offices and hospitals – can cut costs, contribute to a greener economy and improve the reliability of their energy supply.

The key bottleneck for commercial end-users is often debt financing and Questworks has introduced leasing options in order to address the growing demand for solar.

Earlier last month, SunFunder launched a working capital debt facility with Questworks to support their financing needs as they fulfill a strong pipeline of C&I solar projects in Nairobi. This will help the company complete more sector-leading installations. Questworks also comes with a strong EPC background in real estate development in Kenya.

About Questworks

Questworks is a real estate consultancy and integrated project delivery (IPD) firm. They provide solutions to companies and individuals who want to undertake significant construction projects.

In addition to pioneering the IPD approach to construction in the region, they have developed the expertise that allows them to walk with their clients from concept design through to project completion enabling them to take full responsibility for the quality and cost of their client’s projects.

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