USEA signs US $500,000 MOU to boost solar energy

USEA signs US $500,000 MOU to boost solar energy

Uganda’s off-grid solar expansion programme has been granted US $500,000 by the US government-funded initiative, Power Africa Uganda Accelerator to boost solar energy access solutions after a Memorandum of Understand was signed between Power Africa and Uganda Solar Energy Association, USEA.

The agreement states that the USEA will help in ensuring solar energy dealers comply by availing high quality products and services to their customers. Power Africa will financially support USEA in training its staff, dealers and promotion of solar energy solutions to the general public.

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Three year strategic plan

The USEA consists of more than 95 private companies providing solar energy solutions to consumers especially in rural areas.USEA chairman Emmy Kimbowa, said that the support deal is a timely boost to the sub-sector as the government pushes for increased uptake of solar energy solutions for off-grid rural communities.

The government wants off-grid consumers to access clean modern energy services in a bid to improve social services, economic growth and welfare to achieve its ambitious 2030 middle income status.

Kimbowa says they have developed a three-year strategic plan from 2018 to 2020 in which the association will focus on recruiting more members to cover every district at the sub-county level.

By 2020, Kimbowa is optimistic that 60% of households in Uganda will have access to solar energy products or services. Launched in February this year, USAID’s Power Africa Uganda Electricity Supply Accelerator is expected to add 1,000MW and one million new connections by 2020.


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