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A revolution in concrete leveling equipment from Igoe International

Igoe International has introduced what they term a brand new revolutionary concrete leveling equipment available in the market.

Manpower consideration

The wet screed machine also called concrete leveler or floor screeder features a vibrational blade movement, which works with you as opposed to against you, assisting your leveling in a way that until now has been unknown.

The machine also takes into consideration the manpower and time saved when using it- giving one man the ability to level a complete truck of concrete in less than ten minutes. This means a serious increase in productivity and reduction in wasted man hours / labor costs, making this leveling equipment every companies dream.

Igoe International: A revolution in concrete leveling equipmentHonda standard gasoline engine

The equipment holds it runs with a reliable Honda standard gasoline engine making it efficient, quite running and cost effective, and can be used for small jobs with its 1.5m spreader blade, or larger jobs with the blades being available in 2.5 and 3 metre widths.

The wet screed machine has been dubbed as a workman’s best friend. With it´s light weight together with comfortable gripping handles making it easy to manoeuvre and work with allowing a quality result every time.



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