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Globe Housing: Innovative low cost-housing

Globe Housing aims to solve the problem of the need for temporary or semi-permanent settlements, as well as the, supplying the shortage of low-cost housing worldwide.

Certified by an international acknowledged engineering company, its patent-pending technology ensures it remains cost-effective while providing long lifespan and modularity, enabling to be built on-site with locally available materials.

While the concept is well received by several NGOs for humanitarian purposes, governments, CSR projects, and private companies are intrigued by its innovative simplicity; its modularized well insulated (fireproof, waterproof, earthquake resistant, and energy efficient) structure ensures fast production (2.4 persons can build 2,5 units per day) even in very remote areas thus eliminating the need for manufacturing site and heavy machinery.

Innovative design

The basic design consists of a number of fiber reinforced concrete panel and elements which can be built “on-site”, once assembled it provides a floor area of 37.2 m2 (55m2 with a loft), a favorable height of 4.12m with a diameter of 7.12m. The design is “double” modularized, which means that by changing construction elements to alter the number and location windows and doors the design can be customized for the individual units.

Furthermore, it is possible to connect several other units; make room for schools, hospitals or working stations with an individual but connected rooms for various purposes. The elements making the units are lightweight fiber reinforced concrete.

The fiber reinforcement makes it possible to make construction elements to a wall thickness of only 10mm, which makes them lightweight and possible to erect without the use of cranes. The units are insulated to create a comfortable indoor climate. The units can be fitted with solar panels at the roof to generate own electricity for illumination.

Cost conscious

Other temporary accommodation of lower quality range price-wise from about US $200 /m2. The fully equipped containerized shelter usually used by military camps, UN staff range between US $1,000 – 2,000 /m2. With Globe Housing innovative approach it falls well below 180 $/m2 all inclusive of raw materials and labor, making it the only affordable, the durable and rapidly constructed solution in the world. It is important to note that the pricing reflects turn-key solutions “on-site”.

Many solutions might look attractive from the developmental perspective, but the ultimate landed cost on-site is significantly affected by location due to inherent logistics costs.

Globe Housing is a Danish solution and part of an initiative by Disruptive Ventures, founded in Kenya by Tassos Frangou and Cagatay Hamamcioglu, aiming to solve the access to good quality affordable housing allowing for new job creation, local labor skill enhancement and technology transfer impacting on a stronger community. For more information:


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