US $1.57bn to be injected in Nigeria’s power Infrastructure

US $1.57bn to be injected in Nigeria’s power Infrastructure

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is set to inject US $1.57bn into the Nigeria’s national power transmission infrastructure in bid to increase the country’s electricity grid from the current 7,000 MW wheeling capacity to an estimated 20,000 MW.

TCN Managing Director, Mr. Usman Gur Mohammed confirmed the reports and said the projects are contained in the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Program (TREP) of TCN. This program targets the construction of new power transmission projects labelled Greenfield and extends to existing Power projects that are to undergo expansion; Brownfield.

The US $1.57 billion sum meant to fund the said projects was obtained from several multilateral donors and sponsors. The funds will be used for the installation and construction of multiple transformers and transmission lines. This will also increase country total network coverage and transformation capacity.

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Nigeria’s transmission network

Nigeria’s transmission network primarily comprises 132 kV and 330 kV voltage lines. The country has a total network of 6,680 km of 330 kV lines, 7,780 km of 132 kV lines, 330/132 kV substations with an installed transformation capacity of 10,166 MVA, and 132/32/11 kV substations with an installed transformation capacity of 11,660 MVA.

This Projects will see the utilization of the global standard N- 1. This standard entails having double equipment in a power station to create redundancy in the case of a fault.

Mr. Mohammed also emphasized on transparency in TCN as a drive and commitment for completing the huge project.”We try to ensure that TCN remains transparent. Everyone that is here has been promoted through transparent means and that is why we have been able to cancel non performing contracts.”


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