Derbigum SP: Dual reinforced membrane for exposed waterproofing

Derbigum SP: Dual reinforced membrane for exposed waterproofing

The Derbigum SP (Special Polyester) range of products has been designed to meet the specific requirements for waterproofing in exposed situations. The product is manufactured in South Africa to suit the harsh African climate and conditions.

Fields of application

The Derbigum SP range has been designed and developed for waterproofing in situations such as:

  • Concrete Roofs
  • Timber Boarded Roofs
  • Wide Gutters
  • Parking Decks
  • Insulated Roofs
  • Excellent tensile strength and elasticity.
  • Excellent weathering properties.
  • Temperature stability.
  • High impact and fatigue resistance.

Derbigum Special Polyester 4 mm Roofing is a high performance, UV stable, polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. This dual reinforced product comprises of a high strength polyester core and a top layer of reinforced glass tissue. Derbigum Special Polyester Roofing is compatible with most existing materials, and systems.


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