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For over 30 years, WorldWater and Solar Technologies has established itself as the premier international solar and water engineering company. Millions of people benefit from its solar array and irrigation systems worldwide. Now, WorldWater is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to take part in a marketing-leading solution to the water poverty crisis.

Through its subsidiary, Quench Water & Solar, entrepreneurs can help improve the lives of others simply owning their own businesses. Quench Water & Solar is a subsidiary of WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc based in Princeton, NJ. WorldWater and Solar Technologies Inc is the longest operating solar systems engineering company in America. They have been helping supply solar array systems and water purification systems to over 30 countries for the past 30 years. Their Quench Water & Solar division focuses on supplying our mobile water purification systems for commercial uses rather than exclusively for government use and disaster relief.

The systems are patented to efficiently take any water source and purify it to drinking conditions within minutes. By using the Quench Water & Solar business model, you are opening yourself up to a low-maintenance process that can produce up 700% ROI after one year of operation. Clean drinking water is a commodity that will always be needed and is only becoming more in demand. The world water crisis has expanded to all reaches of the globe and today, 3 in 10 people lack access to safe water.

Patented technologies are found in all their carefully designed mobile units including the Mobile MaxPure™ and Mobile MaxClear™. They offer this instant infrastructure, fast deployment and mobility. Quench Water & Solar researches and provides water purification and desalination information as well as sales channels for individual and businesses.

It is also reported that over 2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. And that by far, in the majority of places around the globe it is women and children who are responsible for gathering water for their families & households. This business opportunity is dedicated to being a solution to that statistic.

They are making our special Solar Powered Water Pumping and Purification Equipment available to entrepreneurs, business opportunity seekers and organizations that see the tremendous need to own their own water purification equipment driven by the sun. You’ll be operating your own purified water vending business.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an advocate on supplying clean drinking water. By investing in Quench Solar and WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc, you will be joining the movement of getting safe drinking to people all over the world. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to you will join us quenching the world.


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