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Casali : Advanced solutions for the building industry

In more than one hundred Countries all over the world, Casali is a benchmark brand synonymous of quality, professionalism and technical assistance in the building industry.

Founded in 1936 as a manufacturer of products for the protection of buildings against the action of water, since then Casali has worked to find the most innovative and efficient solutions, taking into account the most up-to-date developments in building techniques and the need to protect the natural environment as a precious resource.

In their very long history, the company has acquired an experience which is unique, placing it at the service of our customers with reliable products and systems, to resolve even the most complex building problems, above all those related to waterproofing, and later with products to ensure sound comfort and high performance sports surfaces.


Casali is organised in four divisions (Membranes, Synthetics, Synthetic Geomembranes and Acoustic) and is today a customer-oriented company that relies on its highly specialised products. The world of Casali products guarantees the best technology and high quality raw materials, all subject to strict controls.

Since 1996 Casali’s production process has been certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 and the company is certified for application of the CE mark. Casali has also been awarded numerous international and national certifications durability of its products, as in the case of Enduring Quality waterproofing membranes that have proved to be efficient aﬞer thirty years from installation.

In Italy, Casali’s production factories cover a surface area of 25.000 sq.m. (11.000 sq.m. under roofing) and are strategically located between requirements of our customers are the cornerstones of our philosophy that places people (with their human and professional skills) at the centre of our work, allowing us to achieve a real synthesis between research, projects, products and services to guarantee just the right solution to traditional and new problems in the continuously evolving building trade industry all over the world.

The sports system line

CASALI SPORT since 1992 Casali has been dedicating a great deal of time and effort to develop high performance seamless acrylic and polyurethane sports flooring and gluing systems for artificial turf. CASALI has a wide range of fully certified systems, including indoor and outdoor sports surfaces, such as tennis, basketball, volley, badminton courts, athletic tracks, 5-Aside Soccer fields, gym flooring, roller skating rinks, multipurpose sports flooring and cycling tracks.

The Membrane Division

Water proofing systems 

This historical line of waterproofing systems, born in 1936, today offers high quality bitumen-polymer membranes that have earned a reputation on the market as products of exceptional durability.

The top-of-the-range line, which includes more than 100 different types of products, specifically certified by the most important International certification authorities, is the “family” of bituminous membranes named EQ (Enduring Quality), made with compounds of the finest quality that ensure long-term resistance and performance. It includes CASALI Dermabit®, the historical trademark of APAO Casali’s membranes, registered in more than 47 Countries.

Thanks to the CASALI R&D department we have also developed a Versatile Line that meets in the worldwide market the different climates conditions and the technical solution in the construction field.

Systems for special applications

In addition to waterproofing membranes for traditional uses Casali has developed a complementary range of products necessary for the correct design of most complex waterproofing packages, such as root barrier systems (Eradix), vapour barrier etc.

Casali’s bituminous-polymer waterproofing membranes comply with CE mark and are specifically certified.

Synthetics divisions  

This is the historical Casali S.p.A. line that includes liquid products such as: – complementary/accessory products to bituminous membranes such as primers and paints; – liquid waterproofing systems of different technology, such as bituminous, acrylic, cementitious, epoxy and polyurethane, ideals to waterproof complex structures like terraces, balconies, wet areas of the buildings, and renovation of damaged waterproofing systems (non-demolitive resurfacing). Casali’s range of liquid waterproofing products is certified by UNI EN 1504-2 (CE mark) and UNI EN 14891.

Geo membrane division

This line (Flexine) is developed to combine the most complex requirements of waterproofing with those of the new technological frontier of the eco-sustainable building industry.

The polyolefin membranes (TPO), resolve the waterproofing needs of the civil, industrial and large structures; these membranes are especially developed to ensure fast, safe and lasting waterproofing of different building structures.

Acoustic division

To meet the requirements of sound insulation in the building industry CASALI has developed a special line of products (Silent-E) to reduce impact noises of storey floors and foot traffic able coverings. These products are very commonly used for the sound insulation of flooring floors in new buildings or for restructuring exiting floors.


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