Exterior finishes that adds character, value to steel buildings

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, they are amazed at the uses their customers come up with for the firm’s outstanding buildings. The steel structure is incredibly strong and stable. It is also very unique in appearance: externally, the frame has a clean look and gives very nice ‘curb appeal’.

The steel frame design itself makes it very easy to safely mount any kind of accoutrements a client would like in the space (lights, wireless speakers, things like that). They pride themselves in the products they manufacture, and how they help their clients meet not only a practical need for space, but also achieve their goals for their business, family, or lifestyle.

Worldwide Steel Buildings loves the look of their steel buildings, and they are working to ensure their customers do, too. The companies sheet metal siding comes in a wide range of colors which you can “try before you buy” using their 3-D Building Design Tool.

But a steel building doesn’t have to look like a steel building if you don’t want it to. The firm’s customers have the benefit and flexibility of using a range of other exterior options if sheet metal isn’t the preference.

Aesthetics that match your vision

This flexibility can be particularly important when trying to match a look that may already exist on your property – or matching a new steel house to the surrounding neighborhood.

Worldwide Steel Buildings’ team has worked with many of their customers to design steel structures using a range of exterior finishes, including brick, stone, stucco, and even wood.

Strength you can depend on

Whatever exterior finishes client choose, you still get the strength and durability of the company’s steel truss framing, backed by their unmatched 50-year guarantee. Clients also get the other benefits of their steel building kits, including full customization, clear interior spans giving a client flexibility of interior layout, affordability, and ease of assembly.

Durable and Economical

Steel building kits are a convenient and quicker alternative than traditional construction and generally much more affordable. The value of their custom metal buildings, however, comes not just from the budget but from their quality, durability, and ease of assembly. Worldwide Steel Buildings manufacture their own trusses, which are welded in precision jigs for accuracy, double dipped in a rust-proof coating, and inspected to ensure customer’s structure stands the test of time.

Finishing Touches for a Perfect Space

Both their interiors and exteriors are fully customizable with a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to ensure client’s event space is not only functional, but attractive. The company’s  customer service team works closely with the design team ensuring space inside and out, from \ electrical, water and HVAC, to layout, interior walls, overhangs or porches, and finishes ranging from wood to stone to stucco. Want a rustic country feel? Their Gambrel barn specialists can help you create a classic look and charm to your space.

Strength and Stability

Just like their building kits, Worldwide Steel Buildings starts from a solid foundation. They own and operate their own manufacturing facility thus they control every aspect of quality and fabrication to meet clients’ expectations.


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