Mapei South Africa: Modern flooring products save time

Mapei South Africa: Modern flooring products save time
Mapefloor products from Mapei

The difference between the success and failure of a floor lies both in the selection of the right flooring products as well as the correct application of these products, to ensure it performs according to end users’ requirements.

This is particularly relevant in today’s modern building environment where a myriad of new floor types has been introduced, each with its own requirements and all-new fixing and finishing products that are required to correctly lay them. Although the prospect of seeking different solutions for each type of floor may sound daunting to contractors that are used to installing traditional floor surfaces, it should not be, as modern systems are usually custom designed to ensure quicker and easier installation and high-quality finishes.

This is according to Tracy Harris, commercial manager of Mapei, one of the best-known suppliers of construction chemicals and flooring solutions in the world. She says specifiers and installers should take the time to investigate new systems rather than relying on traditional ways and simply trying to adapt them to suit new floor surfaces. “Where specially developed solutions do exist, it will usually be considerably more cost effective and safer than simply modifying traditional methods, as well negating the risk of floors failing, either aesthetically or mechanically,” she says.

Research and development

Tracy explains that Mapei constantly researches and develops new screeds, adhesives, grouts and other flooring products to suit new floor styles. As a result, the company has an expansive range of flooring products ranging from industrial solutions to commercial and retail products. These include cementitious, resin, polyurethane systems, water-based flooring systems, as well as consolidators which are used to preserve and maintain existing floors.

Equally as important as product selection, is the correct application and technique that needs to be applied for different flooring types. For Mapei this means ensuring the provision of onsite support as well as providing effective technical training to Mapei preferred applicators.

“The aim of our products, training and ongoing technical support is to provide speed of application, lower building and operating costs for longer building lifetimes. Our industrial flooring solution-based systems are developed for vast applications across all industry sectors in the industrial flooring market and are HACCP compliant as well as international certifications from Clean Room associations. They are also easier to maintain for end users with no sealer coats and additional maintenance costs required.

“That’s why all Mapei’s products are manufactured according to the strictest international quality and sustainability standards. These are either manufactured at its large factory locally in Roodekop, Germiston or obtained from its global supply chain. These are also manufactured using internationally procured and graded raw materials to ensure adhesion to the company’s global standards.”

Making the change

Mapei is building solid relationships with key applicators and encourages installers and all business professionals to speak to its technical representatives to find solutions for individual flooring requirements.

“We are eager to assist the local industry to improve efficiency and ensure that we provide installers with the most suitable products and techniques to undertake any flooring. As new flooring systems become available on the market, we make it our business to develop and constantly update and change our offerings to suit new requirements,” concludes Tracy.

About Mapei South Africa

Mapei South Africa is part of the Mapei Group, an Italian-based multinational that is a leading manufacturer of chemical and adhesive products for the construction industry. As part of the multinational group, Mapei South Africa passes numerous benefits onto its client base by having access to knowledgeable technical experts, research capabilities and product specialists. Mapei South Africa distributes its products throughout sub-Saharan Africa.



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