Morocco competes to be the renewable energy leader in Africa

Noor Energy 1 CSP project

Morocco is competing to be the renewable energy leader in Africa with King Mohammed VI spearheading efforts with the launch of large-scale projects aiming to generate 52% of the country’s electricity needs from solar, wind and other renewable sources.

The King recently chaired a meeting at the Royal Palace in Rabat to follow up the implementation of the renewable energy strategy.

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Noor Ouarzazate III solar thermal power plant

This initiative has come in a year marked by the switch on of Noor Ouarzazate with 580 MW, which together with Noor Ouarzazate III, stands as the largest operating solar farm in the globe.

Morocco also completed two solar farms in the southern Saharan provinces of Laayoune and Boujdour with a joint capacity of 100 MW. These two plants were built thanks to green bonds, a first in the kingdom’s history.

Noor PV II and Noor Midelt

Head of the Moroccan renewable energy agency MASEN, Mustapha Bakoury, highlighted the next steps with regards to the completion of Noor PV II and Noor Midelt in the Atlas Mountains. As for wind energy, the King was briefed about several projects notably the Midelt 180MW plant and the 100 MW plant in Taza scheduled to be ready in 2019.

2019 will also be marked by the re powering of Koudia El Baida wind farm with 120 MW capacity.

At the end of the meeting, King Mohammed VI gave instructions to work in order to exceed the 52% renewable energy target in national electricity mix by 2030. He additionally urged the government to promote the use of renewable energy in public buildings and to encourage energy efficiency.


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