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Newmatic Africa – global leader in kitchen appliances

NEWMATIC is Singapore’s own brand of built-in kitchen appliances. Launched in 2010 with the aim to create products that are novel and environmentally responsible, NEWMATIC is now available in more than 17 countries around the world. Starting from scratch, we take a fresh new look at new technologies, techniques, production methods, materials and especially eliminating outdated, redundant features that the consumer do not use nowadays in order to deliver the green promise without compromise.

When a consumer switches on a NEWMATIC appliance, he or she feels assured that some of the precious resource is being set aside for future generations who will in turn, develop even more energy efficient technologies. NEWMATIC products typically appeal to the young and trendy; classically the group that is also environmentally conscious. Our products are sold in specialist showrooms and reputable kitchen cabinet retail outlets.

Newmatic Kitchen Appliances are available in Kenya through our showroom on James Gichuru Road, Muthangari in Nairobi. Our African market has taken shape through Nairobi, and a robust and rapidly developing niche is currently the story for our Kenyan business.  We are keen to expand to other countries apart from obvious expansion in Kenya. Newmatic has become synonymous with trendy and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that are not only modern, but have dramatically influenced how the Kenyan households make their choices on such important kitchen components.

The Kenyan household aspires ultra-modern appliances for the kitchen space. And NEWMATIC has responded with a breathtaking range of stylish, durable and functional range of Built-in ovens, Gas Hobs and Range Hoods. With this complete outlook, any Kenyan kitchen is a delightful place to be, an epitome of not only style and beauty exemplified by our appliances, but a cozy environment fit for more than cooking and dining. As they say in Kenya, the Kitchen is the heart of a home. NEWMATIC has made it its mission to ensure every Kenyan home has a kitchen environment that is inviting, appealing, ultra-modern and livable. And we keep this as our promise, that our appliances will never fail you. As far as we are concerned, we are your kitchen partners for life. We are here to stay, and to make your kitchen a place to belong.

Our products are available in our showroom on James Gichuru Road, Nairobi, and you will find a useful guide from our catalogues and our range on our website as well, www.newmaticafrica.comunder products. For further information on how you can acquire our products, reach our customer relations desk on 0724 519 394.

Newmatic’s popular products sold in Africa

Newmatic features a broad range of Ovens, Gas Hobs and Range Hoods. These three lines of products are fundamental to the well-being of a kitchen. Any functional Kitchen must have these three features to ensure that the cooking experience is worth the moment.

Gone are the days when a kitchen emitted choking fumes and smoke because of little or insufficient ventilation. With the Newmatic Range Hoods, you are assured of freshness in your kitchen all day. All manner of smoke and fumes are extracted to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for kitchen and the rest of the home.

Our Gas Hobs are globally recognized not only safety & durability, but also for functionality, ease of use and cleaning, as well. Designed for the rapid & even spread of heat over the cooking vessels so that the cooking results will be as best as it should be.

Last but not least, our Built-in Ovens are loved the world over. They dissipate minimal heat in your kitchen area, that is why they can be ‘built-in’ without the worry that heat would damage your kitchen walls and partitioning. They have modern features that enable you to take control of the precise level of heat to use so your cakes will be a bite to savour and will be evenly cooked by the time you pull it out of the oven to sniff the captivating aroma. Designed with safety features to prevent accidents in the kitchen even with the little ones running around. Newmatic Ovens are Energy Class A appliances that makes us are unbeatable.

Unique selling aspects of Newmatic

For Newmaticgas hobs, the following are our unique benefits to the customer;

  • Heavy duty pan supports made of cast iron for extra stability while cooking
  • Stainless steel tops are made of 304 materials for unquestionable durability
  • All Newmatic gas hobs are fitted with a flame failure safety device. This means that as soon as the flame goes out, the gas supply will automatically be cut off, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • The glass component in all Newmatic glass hobs are tested to strict Singapore standards and carry an unconditional factory Lifetime Warranty.
  • Zinc alloy knobs and spacers, unlike plastic will not deform even after years of use. The spacers are useful for preventing spills into the hob to protect the gas valves.

For our built-in ovens, the following are unique benefits and features;

  • Newmatic Built-In Ovens are designed with 6 or 8 multi-function programs for the creative house maker and budding chefs. Together with the precise temperature control and timer, perfect results are guaranteed every time.
  • Newmatic only markets electric powered ovens, not gas, for safety reasons.
  • Another unique safety feature of Newmatic ovens is the triple layer glass door to prevent accidental scalding. A special hinge that will enable Newmatic oven doors to stop at any angle to prevent slamming.
  • At Newmatic, we take into consideration all factors that are critical to your well-being in the kitchen, that’s why our Built-In Ovens are specifically designed with tangential ventilation that cools the sides of the oven to product your kitchen cabinet from aging.
  • Newmatic ovens are rated Energy Class A so go on, enjoy your baking lifestyle knowing that you are saving energy and the environment at the same time.

For the Range hoods, the following are key benefits and unique features;

  • The Newmatic range hood is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. It consists of a canopy or some other type of “capture area” and a fan or blower motor to extract the fumes & steam emitted by cooking. By capturing and eliminating the contaminated air right at the source, the range hood maintains the air quality in the kitchen and makes surface cleaning much easier.
  • Multiple fan speeds is the most useful feature to look for. Newmatic hoods are typically equipped with 3 speeds. One for high-speed, powerful-but-noisy venting, and another for less urgent, quieter venting and one more in between. Another useful feature, an exhaust timer, can automatically shut off the exhaust hood after a set period of time.
  • Integrated lighting is standard for most range hoods for the durability and energy conservation; all Newmatic hoods are equipped with LED illumination.
  • Some high end Newmatic hoods maybe equipped with mood light to enhance the aesthetic value of the hood when it is not working as an extractor.
New technologies with regards to kitchen fittings

For Newmatic, we have seen many advancements in the Kitchen area, especially in as far as fittings and appliances is concerned. There was a time when a new kitchen design was a pretty hit and miss affair. We would look in the local showroom and try to picture how a particular style of cabinet or a flooring color would look in our own home and then make our decision from that standpoint.

However, fortunately kitchen design has moved into the 21st century and there is no longer the need to use our imaginations when it comes to creating our dream kitchen. Technology can now bring a design to life and its influence in helping to design our homes is only going to grow.

As technology advances, the kitchen is developing and adapting to become more and more efficient and intelligent. Wi-Fi connected smart appliances and devices mean that we’re able to spend much less time and effort in the kitchen as technology does all our dirty work for us. We are now able to control our kitchens from anywhere in the world… or just from our couches.

Ovens and Hobs

Ovens are becoming more and more efficient, saving you time and energy and cooking your food faster and better. Additionally, increasing automation takes all of the guess-work and risk out of cooking as ovens and hobs are becoming able to calculate how long, and at what temperature, food should cook for.

Inductions Hobs

While not exactly new to the scene, induction hobs are becoming more and more widespread as people realize how good they really are. Made up of magnets designed to exclusively heat the pot or pan, the actual hob remains completely cool to the touch throughout the process.

Able to change the temperature as quickly as gas, they are extremely responsive, energy efficient, and much safer than electricity or gas hobs – perfect for when you have children in the house. As well as being more efficient, they are also sleek and modern, easy to clean and perfectly suited to a more minimalist kitchen, and Newmatic is happy to provide this to the market.

Refrigerator technology has also developed rapidly to keep food fresher for longer at the exactly ideal temperature and humidity. Some smart fridges are now even able to tell you when your food will expire and what groceries you’re running short on!

We will also mention, of course, the most important equipment in your kitchen, and that’s a range hood to purify the air in the kitchen. These have come because of technological advancement. Equipment such as a dishwasher, microwave, washing machines, fridges and other kitchen appliances are becoming more and more advanced the more reason we have to consider new technology each day. That is the clarion call at Newmatic. We keep advancing every single day with the change of technology.

Africa’s response to the different new technologies

Africa is one of the most adaptive continents when it comes to embracing technological changes. The reason why Newmatic came to Kenya was owing to the amazing responses we found while conducting feasibility on our products’ viability in the African market.

We haven’t been disappointed, because Africa is at the forefront in adapting to changing technology very first, and the consumers are keen on very trendy and stylish products that embody the latest technological developments.

We believe Africa is growing faster than most economies of the world because of its consumption of new technology, and because most of the technology still has great potential for absorption. With the positive approach from different African markets especially where technology is concerned, we are assured that the marketplace in Africa will soon become a beacon of technological success.

Factors to consider when selecting kitchen fittings for a modern house

Buying a kitchen appliance can be a difficult task in today’s world with a large number of options and varieties available in the market. Here is a checklist of some of the important points that one needs to consider before venturing out for any kitchen equipment purchase for a modern house.

Selecting the right size: Selecting the right size for the kitchen equipment in accordance with your kitchen space is one of the most significant factors when it comes to choosing the right product. Having a smaller size product may be as frustrating as having a bigger product. Most kitchen equipments come in various shapes and sizes and it is highly essential to foresee how any particular product would match in the kitchen space. A nuclear family for example must not go in for a large twin door refrigerator even if it is available at a lucrative discount. Knowing your individual needs is quite essential to determine the exact size of any product for the kitchen space.

Functionality: Selecting any equipment having the right functionality is also an important point to consider when shopping for kitchen appliances. There are a lot of useful functions being added to kitchen equipment by various manufacturers. Selecting a product on discounted prices without a useful functionally could be a wrong decision in the long term.

Any functionality that is likely to lessen the work load must be considered as an investment for the future rather than finalizing the product on the price factor alone.

Color Coordination: Any new purchase of kitchen equipment must be made in accordance with the overall theme of the kitchen and its design. Intelligently selected equipment that goes with the theme provides the twin benefits of enhancing the visual appeal while offering its services for the effective use of its respective functionality. Color combination is as essential as the kitchen theme as different colors active different emotions and energies in a house. Kitchen space being one of the most important places in a house is recommended to be alive and happy with positive striking colors rather than dull shades of grey or black. The right color on the kitchen appliances is also bound to increase or decrease the positive energy in the overall kitchen ambiance.

Your budget and affordability: Selecting the kitchen equipment within one’s budget is quite an essential part of any equipment purchase. With many models and diverse functionality of various equipment in the market today, it is very easy for buyers to go overboard. Remember any equipment purchase must be based on the individual need and usefulness and not on added style and functions. Keeping a budgeted approach helps in focusing only on the right range of products that can bring value to one’s kitchen.

Warranty and After Sales: Comparing after sales service and warranties being offered by various shortlisted products is recommended to choose the right product for your respective needs. Any company with a service center closer to your home can offer much swifter service and repair compared to the others. After sales service of the manufacturer and the store must be carefully evaluated before deciding on the final product.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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